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When Searching For Cozy Mysteries ...

You can never go wrong with Berkley Prime Crime/Obsidian when looking for a cozy murder mystery to satisfy your need for a fun read. Each month they release a number of intriguing books and March is no exception.

Among the books released this month is an interesting new series from New York Times bestselling author Denise Swanson.


A Devereaux's Dime Store Mystery9780451236180
Obsidian, 272 Pages
ISBN-13: 9780451236180
Paperback, $7.99 

In this debut installment of the Devereaux’s Dime Story Mystery series, readers are introduced to protagonist Devereaux Sinclair. Dev is the happy new owner of the adorable old-fashioned five-and-dime shop in her small Missouri town.

However, when a revenge-crazed cop accuses Dev of murdering her ex’s fiancèe —  and the murder weapon is found with her fingerprints all over it — Dev’s store, and her life, quickly turn from charmed to troubled. Desperate to clear her good name, Dev enlists her two longtime pals, Poppy and Boone, to help investigate. The sexy new guy in town, Jake Del Vecchio, decides to help as well and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a deputy U.S. marshal.

However, Dev has to fight her attraction and find the real killer because is she doesn’t, this five-and-dime owner will be serving twenty-five to life. 

This is a fun read with a protagonist and group of friends you’ll want to know more and more about. Author Denise Swanson has created a zany new series that promises to be a laugh a minute.
Author Denise Swanson’s website is
Another wonderful release this month is the second installment in the delightful Library Lover’s Mystery series.

DUE OR DIE by Jenn McKinlay

9780425246689A Library Lover's Mystery
Berkley Prime Crime, 304 Pages
ISBN-13: 9780425246689
Paperback, $7.99 

Protagonist Lindsey Norris, Briar Creek’s library director, returns in the second installment in the Library Lover’s Mystery series. 

Answering tricky reference questions is excitement enough for the library director. Until a murder is committed in her cozy hometown of Briar Creek, Connecticut, and the question of who did it must be answered before someone else is checked out—for good. 

Carrie Rushton, the president of the Friends of the Library has been accused of murdering her husband. The evidence is stacking up against Carrie, but neither Lindsey nor the Briar Creek crafternoon club is buying it.

When a nor’easter buries the small coastal town, the police are too busy digging out the locals to investigate the murder. With the help of her crafternoon friends and an abandoned puppy they name Heathcliff, Lindsey has to solve the question of who murdered Rushton before the killer closes the book on Carrie.

Once again author Jenn McKinlay returns us to the wonderful world of Lindsey and her library. This is a fun, fast-pace read that will keep you guessing. The book also features reading group recommendations; a sneak peek at the next installment in the series, BOOK, LINE, AND SINKER; and recipes including one for ‘Nancy’s Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits.’

Jenn McKinlay is the pseudonym for author Lucy Lawrence. The author’s website is
The other book in this delightful series is BOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING (July 2011).

One of my favorite sidekicks returns this month in the third installment of the Portrait of Crime Mystery series.


A Portrait of Crime Mystery9780425246696
Berkley (Prime Crime), 304 Pages
ISBN-13: 9780425246696
Paperback, $7.99 

Rory McCain never needed a partner to create a likeness of a suspect when she was a police sketch artist. But now working as a sleuth, she’s got the ghost of Zeke Drummond to help illustrate her investigation. Zeke’s no rookie at the work, he’d been a marshal 134 years earlier.

When the “Way Off Broadway Players” get swept up in a flash flood while sightseeing in Arizona, Rory’s aunt Helene and her fellow amateur thespians survive—with the exception of Preston Wright. The victim was actually a womanizing scam-artist who duped nearly everyone in the troupe, as well as an ex-con who operated under various aliases. 

While Preston’s death was deemed to be an “act of nature,” Rory can’t discount the possibility that human nature may have contributed to his drowning. But even as she investigates the cast of characters to find out which one played the villain, Rory is finally on the verge of solving a cold case—the murder of her ghost partner, Zeke. 

This is a delightful story with a enjoyable protagonist and a lovable ghost sidekick. The banter between the two is endearing making the story believable despite Zeke’s condition. Finding answers to both murders brings closure for one and more understanding for the other.

The other books in this series include: SKETCH ME IF YOU CAN (August 2010), and TO SKETCH A THIEF (June 2011).

Author Sharon Pape’s website is

FTC Full Disclosure - These books were sent to me by the publisher in hopes I would review them. However, receiving these complimentary copies did not influence my review.

Hope you find something here to grab your interest. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. All sound like great reads, but I will need to read Denise Swanson's since her setting is small town MO. Maybe I'm in it too.


  2. Cozies can be such fun reads! :)

  3. All sound fun! Thanks for the reviews :)

  4. Mason - Nice to see that Berkley Prime Crime has put out some fun new releases. Thanks for sharing them :-).

  5. These do look great! I can't believe how cute the titles are.

  6. I think I´ll have to bookmark Berkeley Prime Crime (as if I don´t own enough books to read already).

    They all sound good, but I find the covers of Due or Die and Sketch a Falling Star particularly attractive :)


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