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Author Katy Walters: Be Disciplined Writing

I’m delighted to be a part of author Katy Walters’ Nurture Virtual Book Tour today for her book, STONE RELICS.

Here’s a brief synopsis of STONE RELICS: Hiding his true identity, Detective Chief Superintendent Ben Tobin leads an investigation into a spate of horrific killings in the south of England. Similar atrocities are occurring in New York, Paris and Dusseldorf. Forensic evidence reveals young women raped, bitten to death by vipers. The only clue is a Stone Relic of a Snake-Bird Goddess left with the body. The investigation is threatened as Ben develops a crippling phobia of snakes. Desperate, he turns to American psychologist, Dr. Lucy Roberts. Can she help him fight the phobia? If she discovers who and what he is, will she report him? 

Deeply attracted but also repelled by him, Lucy agrees to profile the killers. Can Lucy get into the mind of these venomous murderers? Archaeologists suspect a sinister cult. Is this conjecture or the terrifying truth? Time is running out. More victims are dying. Can Ben save the victims from these cold-blooded killers – can he save Lucy? 

Thanks to Katy and the good folks at Nurture, I have 1 print copy of STONE RELICS to giveaway to a lucky visitor who comments on this post by 8 p.m. (EST) on Tuesday, March 13. The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., the U.K, and Canada only. Be sure to leave your email address with your comment, if it’s not included in your profile.

Katy has been kind enough to answer some questions for me about her writing.

Mason - Have you always wanted to write or was there an event that leads you to writing? 

KATY - I have always written from a child, short Stone Relicsstories and poetry, mainly. I decided to take courses in writing, which led me to take a degree in Eng. Lit and Creative Writing. There were the introductory and then first-level courses which I loved. I then jumped at the chance of doing the advanced course which I found so exciting. I thoroughly enjoyed, learning about how to structure a story and the chapters within the story, also techniques and patterns of writing which are so useful to me now. Yet, within the courses, we could only ever write short stories. I found that with some of the shorts, I felt so frustrated with the word limitation. I wanted to expand, to carry the idea or the characters further. So on finishing the courses, I decided to attempt a novel. STONE RELICS is the result.

Mason - What advice have you received writing that you pass on to other inspiring writers? 

KATY - Be disciplined, and try to write every day. Carry a notebook around or mini-recorder in order to write down or record ideas or images that come to mind. I remember sitting waiting for a flight in an airport lounge. On looking around me, I could see so much going on in different sections of the airport. So I got out the notepad and started writing – just notes of what different people were doing, their clothes, expressions, whether they were  sitting, talking together, arguing, laughing, reading newspapers, or eating, drinking, buying at the bookstore and so on. I was able to use that in the latest novel, I am writing. So I had that stored really for a couple of years. It made whole chapter in the book with characters interwoven. 

Another bit of sound advice is to read, preferably eclectic reading, so that you can cover a few genres. That helps with textures and depth within a novel.

Mason - How do you go about doing research for your writing? Is it a process you enjoy or just find it necessary? 

KATY - I really do enjoy researching. It is surprising how much a writer can enrich a storyNURTURE Tour Hosting Team Member badge with research, sometimes writing about things they hadn’t intended putting into the book. I do most of my research on the internet - Wikipedia is great for that.  But I also use the library and often buy books from Amazon, for example, for the Goddess in the story. I purchased three books on Goddesses throughout the ages. This gave me a much richer appreciation of a Goddess and a lot of rich material about her and her role in the religious rituals of a particular society. From this knowledge, I was able to jump from reality into fantasy and imagine the Goddess now in the book. So research is vital to my work. I often come across some wonderful ideas which I can then work on.

Mason - Of all the authors (past and present) you enjoy reading, has any one (or more) been an influence in your writing?
KATY - Yes Phillip K. Dick. I think his work is fantastic. He was way ahead of his time as well.

Mason - What is next on the agenda for you?
KATY - After STONE RELICS I began a trilogy, a tempestuous romance set against the Great Irish Famine of 1846 - 49. It stretches across two centuries involving two couples. I have at present finished the first book and am half-way through the second. I shall be bringing that out very soon now.
Thank you so much for having me as a guest here. I have really enjoyed it.
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Katy, thank you for guest blogging. I always enjoy learning more about the behind-the-scenes aspect of a writer’s work.

Now to learn a bit more about Katy. She lives on the South Coast with her hubby and her golden retriever, Lily. Her children are grown and have flown leaving her space to write full time. Science fiction and paranormal romance have always fascinated her. 

Katy started off as a singer but touring England and Europe, took her away so much from her husband and home. She went back to university and studied psychology. She has a. B.A. Hons in Psychology and another B.A. in Eng. Lit and Creative Writing. She also attained an M.A. in Mysticism and Religious Experience. Later she was awarded an Hon.Dr.Sc. for research into pain control using altered states of consciousness and complementary healing techniques.  

For more on Katy and her writing, visit her website and her blog. She can also be found on Twitter

Here’s a bit more information on STONE RELICS (ISBN: 978-0615536644). It’s listed in the fiction/science fiction genre and published by Dam Good Publishing. It’s age restriction is listed as age 19 and up with erotic/adult content with warnings that it contains erotic and mild violence elements. It is available in eBook and mass market paperback (350 pages).

Do you enjoy reading science fiction from time to time? Be sure to comment for a chance to win a copy of STONE RELICS. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. Thanks for the interesting post!

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    1. Alex, Phillip K. Dick is an interesting influence.

  3. Katy, thanks again for guest blogging and sharing your thoughts on writing. Wishing you much success.

  4. Great tips! It's always good to write every day...a great habit to get into.

  5. This is an intriguing plot and a great interview - thanks to both of you

  6. I'm a writer who loves research, too. Not entering the contest as I'm finding it's so much easier for me to read an ebook.

  7. Really cool premise for the book. I can't receive a copy of her book but I think I'll look it up for Kindle. Thanks for the interview.

  8. Hi Mason, Thank you for such a wonderful review. Best wishes, Katy. :))


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