Monday, August 29, 2011

Have you ever ……..?

Have you ever heard the roar of a jet streaking across the sky above667airplane and wondered where is it going? Where has it been? Who is on-board?

I know most jets that fly in a southerly direction over me are likely on their way to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It may be their final destination or it could be just a stop on their trip to wondrous other locations.

I love to fly and will fly in almost anything, and have. My favorite aircraft to fly in is helicopters, especially the old Bell 47 Helicopter that features the bubble dome. In those you can see all around you.

When I hear the jets roar overhead I can’t help but think of the passengers. Who are they? Why are they on the plane? Are they enjoying the flight or afraid to fly?

Then I think about changing places with them. And that’s where I need your help. No, I’m not asking you to buy me a plane ticket. I’m looking for a book I’m sure is out there somewhere in the vast book library of blogdom. I’m hoping some of you will know the title or author and can direct me to it.

The plot goes something like this: a person unhappy with their life sees a plane and wishes they were on it going far away from their life and troubles. By some twist of fate, the person is on the plane. But instead of being himself, he’s now in the body of one of the passengers living their life.

He lives this other person’s life for the few hours of the flight, feeling their emotions and fears they are facing. It turns out to be similar to the movie Groundhog’s Day where the flight is repeated over and over. Each time the person is in the body of a different passenger thinking their thoughts and facing their troubles.

The person experiences the life of a corporate embezzler afraid of being caught, a drug dealer trying to make his next deal, an abused wife fleeing her husband, a teen afraid of flying, even a murderer on his way to or from a crime, just to describe a few.

After a good number of these switches, the person realizes their life wasn’t as bad as they thought. He sees that everyone has their share of problems. The person wakes up and realizes he had passed out and dreamed the entire thing, or had he?

I know there has to be a book out there or maybe it’s a movie that follow this plot line. Have you read it or seen the movie?

Please join me tomorrow when I share my thoughts on a sizzling new release that is funny, romantic, with a dash of intrigue and all-around good feelings. 


  1. Not familiar with it at all, Mason. Sounds interesting, though! I love to people watch at airports...

  2. Mason - I'm sorry; I'm not familiar with this plot, either. It does sound absolutely fascinating, though. And I like to be at airports. I know - I'm a little strange about that.

  3. Yes, the plot sounds familiar. I'll have to think on pinning it down in my mind.

    I've never flown, but want to.

  4. Be sure to let us know when you get an answer. Sounds like a good Netflix Night for us.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  5. Sorry, I have no idea.
    And I hate to fly. Something about the lack of control unnerves me.

  6. That one might take a long Google search.

  7. I don't know if this sounds familiar or if it's just a great idea for a plot! I'm pretty sure it wasn't a movie.

    Flying is one of my favorite things to do. I love looking out of an airplane window at the cities and landscape I'm flying over. Imagining what is going on in the towns below. And when I'm on the ground, I do what you do—I think about the people in planes overhead, wondering about destinations.


  8. Sorry, Mason. It doesn't ring any bells for me either.

    I have slightly different thoughts when I see a plane overhead. We live next to an Air Force Base. I never have a desire to change places with those guys, God bless them all.


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