Friday, August 26, 2011

Lately I've Been Thinking....

Lately I've been thinking about my reviews and wondering just how helpful they are to you. I write the reviews to share my thoughts on the books, but if I'm not giving you the information you want (or need) then it really does help.

The thoughts circling my mind - Are the reviews too long, not long enough, or usually about what is needed? Do I include too much story information, not enough, or is the amount okay? Should I do single reviews or multiple reviews, does it matter?

Well, you get the idea. I was hoping you could help me by answering four short questions below. If you have any other suggestions you'd like to pass along, please leave those in the comments or send me an e-mail at Mark the subject line 'review comments' so I'll know what it's about.

I'd like to give a special shout to Margot Kinberg at Confessions of a Mystery Novelist... That's where I first saw these neat little polls. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the reviews here and for stopping by today.


  1. I don't so much want fewer reviews as I like to hear from YOU as well as the reviews! Also, I think if you want to group reviews in some logical way, that would be fine -- like 3 spy novels reviewed at once, or 2 cozies, or a trilogy you read all reviewed as a whole. :)

  2. Mason - Thanks so much for the shout-out! That's very nice of you. And I love your reviews. I understand the desire to improve one's blog. Trust me. But your reviews are great as they are.

  3. wishing you a nice weekend, Mason. Hope your part of the country doesn't have problems with hurricanes and quakes :(

  4. Hi Mason .. I love the reviews - just wish I had time to read all the books etc .. and the postings each week ..

    Margot's blog has amazing information on it ...

    Cheers Hilary

  5. Actually, I really like the format you've got. I like the way you mix author info with book info and questions for your blog readers.

  6. I love your reviews. I always know they're honest without a hidden meaning or agenda found on some review sites. And I like the mix between reviews, authors, and other posts.

  7. Maybe I'm dull, but I voted no change on anything.

  8. I like the diversity of your posts and the place you make for authors.
    I like the mixed reviews, there is material for everyone.
    And I like to get news from you (your life and family).

    I'm waiting for your review of A Trick of the Light. I'm getting my book tomorrow at the pre-launch with Louise Penny.
    Have a good week-end.

  9. Hi all and thanks for stopping by today and taking time to vote on these polls. I really appreciate it. I'll report the outcome of the polls early next month as I have them open until the 31st.

    danielle-momo, I must say I'm envious. I may already have the book, but you get to see Louise Penny in person when you get your copy. Have fun.

  10. I think you are the review-master! When you review books from my genre, I love it. For example, I loved the Cozy Knave review you did. And I loved that you let us know about Sourcebooks discounting Georgette Heyer's eBooks to $1.99.

    That said, I'm more interested in the book reviews if they are in the genre I read. Duh! Who isn't.

    Also, really long reviews or reviews with a guest post added is sometimes too long, I admittedly skip some parts.

    I don't know why but I don't enjoy book excerpts. Maybe because (a) I enjoy the excerpt so much that it frustrates me I can't read more or (b) they are not enjoyable.

    I hope my comments help and haven't offended. Don't stop your reviews, they're needed.

  11. Hi Mason! I enjoy your book reviews. You have a great bunch of followers, so I figure they must like your reviews too.


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