Thursday, May 13, 2010

To Text Or Not To Text

On any given day do you text once, twice, or more?

As a general rule, I don’ t text. I do, however, occasionally answer text messages. I rarely ever send out a text first. I think texting is great especially when you have to communicate with someone who is say in a hospital or other place that a ringing phone wouldn’t be appropriate.

I have nothing against texting except my eye sight. The screen and the key pad are just too small for me to do it quickly and continuously like some do. I know, if I did it more I’d probably get faster and better at it, but ….

There’s been a lot of talk in the news lately about texting and driving. Around our state (Georgia), many schools are promoting petitions for the students and teachers, as well as parents, to sign saying they won’t text and drive.

That’s all well and good. I think it’s great, but isn’t it just good old fashion common sense not to text and drive? I can’t image trying to drive and type at the same time. Maybe I’m just getting old.

There was also a question in the news recently about policemen using their laptops and driving. The officer in charge said his officers would continue to use their laptops and drive because the computers were mounted at eye level and won’t
interfere with their driving. I have friends who are cops, but I don’t agree with that decision. Looks like it could cause them to wreck just as easy as the average driver texting. Okay, I won’t go off on a rant here.

I will end this rambling by telling you why I even got to thinking about texting and driving.

My new phone notifies me when I get an e-mail and I’m able to check it from my phone. I was in the grocery store this week when my phone beeped that I had a new e-mail. I began checking to see what it was as I continued down the aisle with my cart. I heard a man speak loudly and looked up to see he was speaking to his daughter in front of me.

She had stopped and he was telling her to move. I had almost run into her with my shopping cart because I was busy checking my e-mail and not looking where I was going. No one was hurt and we had a good laugh especially after I told him maybe there should be a law against me walking and checking my e-mail much less texting.

Anyone else get carried away with the wonders of modern technology and almost have a mishap?

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  1. I'm up waiting for my oldest son to come in from San Antonio and reading blogs to stay awake. This one was funny, almost running into a cart while checking email lol. Did you know it's illegal in Utah and CA to drive while texting? And well it should be. Probably in a lot of other states as well but these two are the ones I know about. I used to text all the time until my phone went through the wash. It's a good way to stay in touch with kids who text and live away from home. I miss it actually. I need to get a new phone.

  2. I don't text so much because I'm so slow at it, that I usually give up halfway through the message and just call the person.
    I have been in three car accidents in the last 8 yrs and they've all involved young girls running up the back of my car while texting. Then of course they're in tears and I have to comfort them. I think I might start driving around and reading a novel at the same time.

  3. that's similar to the no talking on the phone while driving and despite laws, people still talk and drive.

    I rarely text and that's because if I get a text, I immediately go to my email and respond.

    Have a good Thursday.

  4. Ohhh...texting and driving! Big no-no here...NC's law against it began in January.

    But I do love texting. I'm not so great on the phone so it's the perfect way for me to communicate.

    I'm with you on the multitasking, though! I'd do the same thing in a grocery store. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. I rarely text - for the same reason as you: eyesight. I'm too slow at it because I have a hard time seeing the keys.

    It really boggles the mind that there is a need for laws against texting and driving. Shouldn't this be common sense?

  6. I text rarely. And that's a good thing because people who have to wait on me to "text" out the message get a few grays waiting. Texting is nice, though. Texting is not good to do during driving.

  7. I send the occasional text to my kids but that's it. I have an older phone plan that doesn't include texting (it's really cheap & I don't want to change it until I have to!). Seeing people text and drive makes me ill.

  8. Mason - Texting while driving is illegal here in CA, too. And talking on the 'phone without a hands-free device like a Bluetooth is also illegal. Quite frankly, I like those laws. There's enough to distract us while driving.

    I actually text an awful lot. My 19-year-old daughter and I often keep in touch that way, especially if she's staying with friends for a couple of days, or if I'm out of town. I love it (maybe it's the writer in me!). However, anything, including texting, can get out of hand. I've seen people so busy texting while they were crossing a street that they almost got run over. Texting's best if one's sitting somewhere safely - and not behind the wheel : ).

  9. Lately driving here has gotten so congested, I've had to turn off my radio just to concentrate. I can't fathom texting while driving. Those who do should be fined huge $$ for the risk they put us all at.

  10. I'm a texter for two reason:

    1) It's cheaper and now I've done it for awhile, I'm fast at it.

    2) I'm not a chatter. I hate talking on the phone for no purpose. In fact, I have been known to be rude and hang up on people who call me for no reason. For that reason, I get to the point with texting. It forces others to be the same.


  11. KarenG, I think more and more states are making it illegal to text and drive. I won't even ask how you washed your phone. :)

    Charmine, you sound like me when it comes to texting. I'm not good at it. I don't read and drive, but I do carry a book with me so when I'm stuck in traffic I have something to read.

    Dru, since I'm trouble with technology I wouldn't have a clue how to send a text message from my e-mail. Have a great day.

    Elizabeth, isn't it amazing how much you can do while you're grocery shopping. :)

    Ingrid, I'm with you on the common sense part of texting and driving. Hope Amber continues to do well.

    Teresa, you text like me. I can type away on the keyboard but give me a phone to text a message and it's "hunt and peck."

    Jemi, my plan doesn't include texting either. The way the clerk talked when I got my new phone I was afraid it would be included anyway.

    Margot, I have some close relatives that text all the time to their kids, even the young grandchildren know how to text back. :)

    Joanne, I get kidded because I usually listen to classical music in the car. It helps calm me with the crazy driving. If I'm not listening to classical music, I'm listening to a audio book (that helps too).

    Clarissa, texting can have its advantages. Getting to the point and not having a long drawn out conversation is definitely a plus for texting.

  12. I love texting. Started when my grandson went away to college (only way to get an answer).
    Texting doesn't leave me in open conversation.
    My rule is no phone in traffic. Haven't broken it and hope I never do.
    Giggles and Guns

  13. Can't remember which morning news show had a simulator and one of the stars was 'driving' and then had to read a text message. She crashed into the car in front of her within 2 seconds.

    It's NOT safe.

    I rarely text, especially since my new phone's touch keyboard is a pain to use.

  14. I don't use texting at all. I had it removed from my phone. It was one more techie thing I didn't want to learn. And since I can email from my phone now, I don't see how I would need it. TO do it while doing anything else would be disastrous for me, as I can klutzy to begin with. I tend to fall if I'm not paying attention, so I have to pay attention.

  15. I text probably a couple of times a week, mainly to my kids and replying to them. I find it's a great way to get in touch with someone especially if they can't answer the phone, but they can a text. :0)

  16. The UK is mad for texting so I do text quite a bit. I think the mobile phone culture here is well ahead of North America - but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing!

  17. Maribeth, I get more text messages from my younger relatives. They will communicate more through texting than talking any day.

    Terry, crashing in just 2 seconds while reading - Wow. Just goes to show that reading is just a bad as trying to type.

    Karen, I can e-mail from my phone too but that's problem only going to happen in emergencies. I take too long trying to write out anything on the phone.

    Kathi, I agree texting does come in handy if the person you need to reach can't answer their phone to talk.

    Talli, ya'll do seem to be a bit ahead of us in that area. Guess it's like everything else, has good and bad points. :)

  18. I text a few times a day, but I am strongly opposed to texting while driving. I can't believe they would let police officers drive and work on computers at the same time! As far as shopping carts and texting? I'm still chuckling. Ha ha. :-)

  19. I don't text - ever. And I don't want anyone texting me unless the message is time sensitive and delivered while I'm in church or a closed door meeting. I don't see any reason for texting. And in a car? Absolutely not. ESPECIALLY in Georgia. :)

    BTW: Is your blog comment font shrinking or am I going blind?

  20. Shannon, I'm still amazed that they are going to allow the officers to use their computers while driving. Just doesn't seem safe.

    VR, I agree with the texting. And I think the font is shrinking. I'll have to see what I can do. Thanks for bring it to my attention.

  21. I mostly text to friends overseas. It's a cheap way to keep in touch. I never text or use the phone in the car.

  22. I hate talking on the phone, so I only have a minimal function cell phone for emergencies. I'm pleased to say that I don't text. As a matter of fact, the only time I turn my cell phone on is if I need to make a call or I'm traveling (esp. at conferences).


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