Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rant, Rant, Rant

Ever have one of those days when you wish you'd just stayed in bed and pulled the covers over your head?

That was the kind of day I had yesterday. Let me warn you up front that this post is going to be a pity-party of sorts for me. 

My day made me think about the current book I'm reading, DECLICIOUS AND SUSPICIOUS by Riley Adams. The protagonist in the book, Lulu Taylor, has a day where she wishes she had stayed in bed. Given her day started off with car trouble and mine didn't, I still understand her reasoning.

My day started with me running behind (not unusual). Then it was a long day at work. Our system went down the night before and everything was running very slow yesterday. When I left work to go grocery shopping it was pouring rain.

From the grocery store I went to the local Sam's Club to pick up an order that I had placed online the night before. Trying to place that order should have warned me what the coming day was going to be like.

Back to the story. I picked up a few more items to go with my order. When I went to get my order I had to wait in line at least 20 minutes to check out and then they overcharged me.

I usually pickup dinner on Fridays because I get home late. Last week the fish place didn't include the hushpuppies with my order. Yesterday I decided to pickup burgers. Simply order - four burgers, two large fries. I got home and only had three burgers, two fries. I didn't call or go back because we live in the country. It's a good 20 to 25 minute drive back to the restaurant - not worth the trip.

After all that, I had also lost an earring. Don't ask me how, where or why I didn't notice that I had lost one. It wasn't one that has post on back, it was just the wire-type that hangs. The bad part is that I really liked the earrings. They were given to me by a friend.

The other bad/good thing to come out of the day was that I realized I didn't have a post ready for today. So that's why you get to read about my rants and my pity-party.

So, how is your day going? Does it seem that when one thing so wrong, everything goes wrong?


  1. I like your rants. Well I am glad Friday is over, but I have a busy weekend coming up which will make the weekend go by too fast.


  2. Yes, some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed. Hope you find your earring at least. I thought I'd lost one of my favorite ones once, but then found it the following day. Tomorrow is another day!

  3. Teresa, it seems like the weekends go faster and faster for me. I turn around and it's Monday again. Have a great weekend.

    Lorel, I've already lost one of these earrings before and was lucky enough to find it. Afraid I may not be so lucky the second time. Hope you have a fun weekend.

    Karen, after I lost one of these before I said I was going to put those thingies on the back and didn't. I really should have. Hope you have a fun weekend.

  4. Mason - I'm sorry you had one of those days. I've had them, too. And yes, it sometimes seems like a chain reaction, too. I'm glad that at least you got home safely and didn't blow a tire or something. I sure hope your weekend goes better!!!

    I look forward to your review of Delicious and Suspicious, too; I'm so very eager to read that one!

  5. Yes, it does seem like once the day starts "off" it just snowballs. Yesterday my hubby called and asked how's it going, and I told him all's quiet. Which is a good thing, I'll take quiet!

  6. So sorry about your rough day yesterday. I hope the weekend turns out to be great - at least you got all the bad stuff out of the way yesterday!

  7. Sorry about your day yesterday but I hope today is a much better day for you.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Ugh, I totally know those days! They are the worst. I think I have one about every other week. My bed always looks so much better at the end of those days. I hope your weekend gets better :)

  9. Margot, those days do have a snowball effect. I should have a review of DELICIOUS AND SUSPICIOUS soon. I know you like Myrtle, you're going to love Lulu. :)

    Joanne, all's quiet is definitely a good thing.

    Ingrid, hope your weekend is going well. I know it's still a difficult time for you.

    Dru, thanks for the kind words. Hope you have a great weekend too.

    Chase, I totally agree those days seem to come about every other week lately. So far today's been great. Hope you have a good weekend too.

  10. Ohhh yes. I've had those days! I know you're so glad it's over.

    Too bad there wasn't a "Jesus Saves" bus to come by and help you out with your day. :)

  11. Elizabeth, oh I could have used that bus yesterday. LOL. I think the Graces would have helped too. :)

  12. Boy, I hate those kind of days--and I've a series of them lately! I hope your next days are better!

  13. Those kinds of days tend to sneak up and attack when you least expect them.

    This is a crazy busy time of year for me, so I find them creeping up a lot :)

    Hope today is better!

  14. Rant away! That's what blogging is good for, non? :) Hope your weekend is better, anyway.

  15. Believe me I wish I spent the whole week in bed this past week.

  16. This is probably entirely beside the point but, what is a hushpuppy?

    Sorry you had such a bad day - hope things improve.

  17. Sometimes like yesterday I get a happy reverse. Like EVERYTHING finally straightened out, everything went superbly, the rain stopped for the day and the sun was shining.

    But I know the kind of day you're describing.

    I really like a pertinent photo on a blog. Not a lot of photos. Just one or two that visually highlight the post. I love this photograph. The blue is stunning, especially against the blue eyes. Really shows the "mood" of a "bad" day1!

  18. Rant all you like. I enjoyed that post.

    Hope you find your earring. Nothing more annoying. It's like having only one sock - but worse :)

  19. KarenG, thanks it has been a better Saturday than Friday. Hope you have a great weekend too.

    Mary, it does seem like those 'bad' days last longer than they should.

    Jemi, those type days do sort of sneak up from behind and grab you. Today was much better.

    Talli, you're right blogging does help. Even after I finished the post last night I felt better. Blogging friends are the best!

    Esme, ouch at least mine was only one day. Hope the coming week is twice as good as the last was bad.

    Cass, thanks things are improving and I had to laugh at your question. Hushpuppies must be a Southern thing. Basically it's bread (like a corn muffin) rolled into a small ball and deep fried. Some people like them plain, some add onion and others add hot peppers. They go great with fish.

    Ann, when I have those kind of reverse days I really worry. Sounds crazy but it usually means the next day I'll be down with a terrible headache. I thought the photo captured the feel of the post too.

    Wendy, thanks it does help to rant and get it out of my system. I did find the earring. Next time I am definitely putting a little thingie on the back so it can't fall off.

  20. Mason-is that not the truth-everytime I go over to Ingrid's blog I start welling up. I do not want to abandon her-but I tell you it is rather hard to read.

    Thank you for stopping by.

  21. Wow, you did have a lousy day! After getting the wrong order at restaurants a couple of times, I've learned to check my order before I leave. I hope your weekend's been great so far.

  22. Wow, that's a day. For some reason when a whole string of little things go wrong, it's more draining than if one good disaster happens.

    On the same day, I locked myself in the bathroom while my autistic children tore up the house and I had to be rescued by firefighters. Another day in the life...


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