Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fair or Partly Cloudy

Rain, shine, fog, hot, cold - do you have a favorite season or a favorite climate?

Me, I usually go for sunshine and warm weather as my favorite type of season, but I sometimes enjoy a rainy afternoon since I find it's a great time to read.

Our unusual weather and kind words from Michele at Southern City Mysteries about my Saturday post got me to thinking. I know it's a scary concept, but it does happen from time to time so I decided to run with it. :)

Lately we’ve had some crazy weather. Granted, our weather hasn’t been bad compared to what other people are experiencing. However, it's still crazy. Last week it was 90 degrees, yesterday it was in the mid 50s and raining, and today it’s suppose to be in the upper 70s and cloudy. Old-timers call this Blackberry Winter because the blackberries are blooming.

I’ve never given a lot of thought to the weather, except in the winter when snow is being predicted (but that’s a topic for another post). I usually just check to see if I’m going to need a raincoat or a sweater the next day. Aside from checking the local weather, the only place I checked was Texas where my

best friend lives. She travels some for her job so when she’s going on a trip I keep an eye on the weather where she going.

Now I look at weather differently. With blogging friends all over the states and the world, when bad weather strikes I begin to wonder and worry if my new friends are effected.

The one thing I hadn’t given much thought to is the seasons of the year where everyone is. An example - we are close to the end of spring here in Georgia with the first day of summer not far away. Charamine from Wagging Tales mentioned she’s in Australia where the chilly weather is starting to sit in. Louise Perry said Mother’s Day they woke to five inches of snow in Canada where she lives and were expecting a hard frost last night.

While I may be getting ready for summer, some of you are getting ready for winter or may already be experiencing it. So what season are you in? What is the weather like where you are? Has it been normal or unusual weather?

Speaking of weather, do you include it in your writing? Does it play a major role or just a minor footnote?

Some stories have to have weather included. How many times have you read, “It was a dark and stormy night”? And think about “that noise that goes bump in the night.” It’s not as scary if it’s 3 in the afternoon and the sun is shinning when you hear that bump.

Weather effects our daily lives so it just goes to reason that it would effect the characters we love to read about. Planning any major weather disasters for your characters and WIP?

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  1. I love warm sunny weather too! Mostly because my hands and feet are FREEZING whenever the temp is below 75-80 degrees.

    Now I'm a great admirer of Fall & Spring colors. I will admit that snow can be breathtakingly beautiful. (But then you have to bundle up and drive in it for 4 months ugh)

    So, I'm sticking with summer.

  2. Winter skipped us in Bombay this year (during the marathon in January it was so hot, 2/3rds of the participants dropped out because of the heat). It is hot, hot, hot now, but we are looking forward to the monsoons breaking in another month and bringing the temperatures down.

  3. I love this post! I love warm weather but the weather here in MO, USA was 40's and 50's yesterday. This morning it is 75. Storms raced through here last night. Sadly, the states next to us were pounded by tornadoes. I'm like you, I wonder about blogger friends.

  4. Mason - I know exactly what you mean about how one's perspective about weather changes when one knows people in different parts of the world. That's happened to me, too. I have to say, right now, I live in a part of the country where the weather doesn't change very much. I miss seasons. I miss changing weather and the cycle of the year. And yes, I sure do include weather in my writing. Weather even plays an important role in one of my novels. I think it's really worth thinking about as we write, because readers can identify with it.

  5. Miss V, your comment made me smile. I am so cold-natured too. In fact, I built a fire last night because it was in the 40s.

    Rayna, hopefully your weather will break without any problems. The word monsoons just brings to mind too much rain, but hopefully you'll get just enough to do the trick without causing problems.

    Teresa, I know what you mean. As soon as I heard the news about the tornadoes I started trying to place where everyone was. My heart goes out to those that were effected.

    Margot, I'm not sure if I'd like not have changing seasons. Granted, I'd love living where it's warm all the time but I would miss the cool nights and beautiful fall colors.

  6. It's warm here in central TX. We've turned on the a/c and are picking strawberries from the garden. Not hot yet, though, so that's nice.

    Straight From Hel

  7. Love the silhouette. I use weather as a secondary albeit inanimate character. I use a nor'Easter to shut down the Eastern seabord that helps the bad guys carry out their murders with much discretion as the streets are all but shut down and most people are tucked away snugly in their beds.

    I contrast the storm with balmy 75 degree weather in southern California where the protagonist and his friends live.

    Stephen tremp

  8. Helen, I'd say if I lived anywhere else in the states it would be Texas. I love the climate. Enjoy the strawberries. We haven't even started planting our garden yet.

    Stephen, I thought the silhouette might catch a little attention. :) Using a nor'Easter in your story definitely proves weather can work in your favor sometimes. Good contrast to the California weather.

    Karen, hot summers with little or no humidity are great. I enjoy the flowers of spring too.

  9. I get weather-induced migraines so the weather outside plays an important role in my life.

    Spring and fall are the best for me. I do not like summer or any of the three Hs (hot, hazy, humid).

    Have a good Tuesday.

  10. I love the four seasons. Weather plays quite an important role, especially if it is particularly cold.

  11. Dru, I can totally relate to your weather-induced migraines. When the pressure changes, so do my headaches. Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.

    LadyFi, cold can play a big role in a story and life. It can lead your characters into all types of situations and cause them to do unusual things to keep warm.

  12. Warm and sunny, baby! Too bad I live in London! The weather here has been crazy this year - quite cold. I just want to be able to wear my summer clothes for once!

  13. Like you, I'm in the South, and summer is rapidly approaching. It's still cool and breezy today, with a little sprinkling of rain. But I know the heat is coming!

  14. Spring here in Michigan is my favorite, except for the allergies all of the flowers produce. Of course, today it's in the 50's, windy and pouring rain.

  15. oh the weather! Here in Nova Scotia the saying is 'if you don't like the weather, wait a minute'. Today it seems cold and drizzly. I'm writing and not gardening so that's OK. If it was warm and mild I might be tricked into putting some plants in the ground too early. Plus the plants like the moisture so...
    weather is always big in my novels. Seasons affect us - all of us! Even those with mono season. this is a universal and we need to use our universals for sure...

  16. Weather makes a big difference in my mood and my writing. I write differently when sunny and when cloudy. I dont have a big weather storm coming in my novels but one of my books, the key to the mystery is in the weather.


  17. This is a great post. I have to admit that I didn't take weather into account in my novel until my daughter brought it up. She asked me if I had a rainy day in it. She stated she gets frustrated that so many books are all sunny days and blue skies. I laughed but when I thought about it, I added a stormy day just for her. We both love good storms.

    My current novel is set in the spring, because I think of it as the most "magical" time of the year. (It's a science fantasy novel) However, autumn is my favorite time. I love the earthy colors and the smell and sound of the dried leaves. I love the "bite" to the air. All of it!

    Thanks for reminding us that the weather can play a part in the action as well as how our characters feel and react to things.

  18. I liked summers until I moved east of the Rockies - humidity sucks!
    That said, a cool, crisp fall day is my favorite.

  19. I love sun and warmth which is why I live in Southwest Florida. We had an unusually cold winter (by our standards) and now it’s really hot – it’s like Spring forgot to make an appearance this year. Up to this point, weather hasn’t played a big part in my books.

  20. Spring and fall are my favorite seasons, though there is something to love (and something to hate) in them all.

    I prefer COOL to warm weather but not hot or cold. I dislike dangerous driving and I'm not crazy about biting insects.

    Hope all is well with you.

    I'm behind again, this time after a series of unfortunate events which aren;'t nearly as nice as the movies.

  21. We had a day of VERY HEAVY rain today and our basement flooded. :-(

    Very heavy rain is NOT NICE. (But tornados are worse!)

  22. Talli, maybe the warm weather will come soon.

    B., I'm beginning to worry about our summer since the weather has been so crazy already. I'm thinking we may have a very hot, dry summer.

    Janel, the allergies are bad this time of year. Hopefully they'll get better.

    Jan, I like the saying. It seems to fit here in Georgia right now.

    Clarissa, weather does have an effect on my mood too. Your book with weather as the key to the mystery sounds intriguing.

    Charity, I love the fact you included the storm for your daughter. That was sweet. Happy to meet you, glad you found us.

    Diane, cool crisp days are nice.

    Jane, there are years that it seems we jump over one of the seasons here in Georgia too.

    Mary, sorry to hear about your basement. Hopefully it will dry out quickly. We have a chance of scattered showers all week but no heavy rains.


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