Monday, March 1, 2010

Type, Don’t Type

Are you one that is readily handy with answers to posing questions?

I hope so because I have a question. It’s actually a series of questions about the same topic - comments. Do you comment on every blog you visit? How do you comment when the post really doesn’t relate to you, but you found it interesting/informative/entertaining?

I have quite a few blogs that I try to visit on a regular bases (if not daily). The blogs are very diverse in what they offer to their readers. I look forward to reading the post and have discovered even more wonderful blogs because of it. I think there’s a blog for every topic you can think of.

Herein lies my problem. From time to time some of the blogs’ post are on subjects that I’m not directly involved in, but yet I enjoy reading them. Quick example - some will talk about difficulties raising children and pose questions for solutions, etc. I don’t have children so I can’t relate but enjoy the posts.

I want to comment to let the person know I enjoyed the post, but saying “Enjoyed post” or “Great post” and nothing more seems strange. Do you find yourself in this position? What do you do?

Along those same lines, do you want readers to comment on your post just to let you know someone has read it? Or, do you prefer readers only comment when they can really relate and discuss the post as it pertains to them and understand that some readers can‘t?

As for comments here, any and all (except spammers) are welcome. Feedback always helps and my ramblings sometimes can use a lot of help.

That’s my burning question, “To comment or not?”

Now on a happy note, congratulations goes to Michele of Southern City Mysteries. Michele is the winner of the signed copy of “B-Very Flat” by Margot Kinberg. Thanks Margot for guest blogging here and congratulations again Michele.

Quick list of upcoming guest bloggers making a stop at Thoughts in Progress.

Bill Walker, author of “A Note From an Old Acquaintance,” will stop by on Tuesday, March 2, during his blog tour.

Cara Elliott will be here on Thursday, March 4, to talk about writing historical romance. Her latest release is “To Sin With a Scoundrel.” She will also be offering a giveaway.

James Hayman, author of "The Cutting,” will be here on Monday, March 8. He will talk about insomnia and writing.

L. Diane Wolfe of Spunk On A Stick will be here on Tuesday, March 9. She will be talking about her latest release in “The Circle of Friends” series “Book V … Heather.”

Mary Margaret Daughtridge, author of “SEALed With a Ring,” will be here on Wednesday, March 10.

Paul V. Stutzman, author of “Hiking Through,” will stop by on Thursday, March 11, during his blog tour.

Kathy Cano-Murillo, author of “Waking Up in the Land of Glitter,” will be here on Friday, March 12.

Joy Dekok, author of the children’s book “Raccoon Tales,” will stop in on Saturday, March 13, while on her blog tour.

Also during the coming week I hope to post reviews on “A Note From an Old Acquaintance” by Bill Walker, “Alphatudes” by Michele Wahlder, “Coming of the Storm” by W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear, and “SEALed With a Ring” by Mary Margaret Daughtridge. Hope everyone finds something to their liking with this diverse group of authors and books.

Do you have a question that has been plaguing you? Care to share?


  1. Hmmm-well sometimes I comment-because I want them to know that I appreciate the time they took to write their post, sometimes I will just write something just to let them know I stopped by, but other times I do not really have anything to say. Some days I am just blog hopping around and then you get sucked into the world of blogs.

    PS the kitties say thank you for the votes.

  2. in this new year, i am reading more and commenting less unless i feel really compelled to do so. there are people who want all readers to comment. especially if they are the standard giveaway site. somehow i think numbers are a very important thing to them.

  3. Enjoyed your blog... see, it's still nice to hear, so don't feel strange leaving that. :-)
    I usually just comment if I have something to add, because there are a lot of blogs to visit, I'll also comment if the writer doesn't have many followers yet, as encouragement I guess. But there are no rules, as long as you're polite, say as little or as much as you want - it is nice to see people comment because then at least you know people are reading!

  4. I do usually like to write something...sometimes I'll do a "great post--thanks" and that's all. Like you, I've got a ton of blogs in my blog reader. I've divided up my blogs into different folders--for different days of the week. Some I do read every day, but I don't have time to read all of them and comment. This way I know I'm hitting all my favorites in an organized way and can have a chance to comment on the posts.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. I usually comment when I have something to say that relates to the post, but sometimes I'll just leave a comment to say "great post" if I really enjoyed something even though I have nothing relevant to say about it. I think for those of us who blog regularly, comments are "validation" to some extent that we're not just sending our thoughts into thin air, so to speak. I also comment more on blogs like yours where the blog's author responds to all comments. It's just nice to be ackonwledged that way. And I love when comments on a post turn into a discussion among those who left comments - that's when a blog becomes a real community. Isn't this world of blogging just fascinating!

  6. Mason - I know what you mean about good blogs. I have many of them that I love to visit, but because of time constraints, etc., I don't get to comment on them all. I should because as a blog keeper, I love to read others' comments. Even if the post amounts to, "Thanks for this post; I enjoyed it," I still enjoy that. I would say that if you have the time,, then go ahead and comment, even if it's only one sentence. It pleases the blog owner (at least this one) to know that someone read and enjoyed the post.

  7. I usually comment on blog post I read, if only to say, "Wow, neat idea - I can't help you out, but it's a great question" kind of thing. :)

    Congrats to Michele!

  8. This seems to be a burning question with bloggers. Some blogs I visit nearly every day. But most I get to read them 2-3 times a week and I always comment. This is not to make anyone feel guilty. I just think if someone took the time to post and I took time to read it- then I will type a response. This blogging thing takes a lot of time. :) That's just me. I don't think there is a right or wrong.

  9. Some blogs (like yours!) I visit daily and almost always comment. Some I visit & comment only if the topic is relevant. I try and say something if I read it, but not always. Guess I'd like the same - just let me know someone is reading my posts!

    I don't have kids either, so those types of posts are difficult for me to relate.

  10. Like many of the others, I read a lot of blogs. I try to comment on some of them, but I'd have to say that I DON'T comment on the majority of them. Sorry - I should try to do better. I know that I appreciate all types of comments (except spammy ones, although some of them are pretty amusing) on my blog.

  11. I understand your problem, I've been debating the same thing lately. I find frustrating the longer posts. Some write chapter length posts and it I don't have time to read that many words. But for the most part, I'm with you struggling along.


  12. Esme, it is easy to get pulled into that world of blogs and lose four or five hours before you know it. So glad your lovely couple won. Congratulations to you and them.

    Sandra, I've seen some of those sites where numbers does seem to be a big thing with them. Not sure I understand that.

    Charmaine, you're right it is nice to hear someone likes your blog. Helps you know you're going in the right direction. That's sweet of you to give encouragement like that.

    Elizabeth, I like your tip about dividing the list and visiting some one day and others another.

    Ingrid, it is fun when those commenting chat back and forth. I visit a couple of blogs where the readers do that. It makes me think of everyone sitting around the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake chatting about their day.

    Margot, that's what I wondered - is a quick comment better than none. It seems it is and I won't feel so strange doing that now. At least the blog owner will know the post was read.

    Jemi, I know that helps me. Congratulations again on Canada's big win last night. I image everyone is still celebrating in someway or another.

    Teresa, that was me. I didn't know what was right or wrong. I never though blogging would be as much fun as it is and it does take a lot more time than I ever imaged.

    Diane, it is nice to know someone is reading what you wrote. The post I visit that talk about their children from time to time is so interesting (sometimes makes me sooooo glad I don't have kids). I think now I'll at least make a comment so they'll know it was read.

    Alan, I feel sort of guilty when I read a post and don't comment even the ones were there's nothing I can really add to it. Crazy I guess.

    After reading all of your comments I wonder why someone hasn't come up with a widget that would let you just check in and let the blogger know you were there without commenting.

  13. Ann, you slipped in. It just helps me to know I'm not alone in this questionable state of to comment or not. Thanks.

  14. Since I have a new blog, comments are like gold to me (thanks Mason for your support!). I read so many blogs and usually think I don't have anything new to contribute to the conversation, so I don't. Have to start giving back more. Thanks for this post.

  15. Deb, thank you. I enjoy your new blog. You feature some great books and authors, not to mention the photos on Friday. I appreciate your support too.

  16. Hi Mason,
    This is such a tough one. We all have issues with time and how we spend it. I try to visit all the blogs on my blog roll each day that I blog (Monday-Friday). I don't always leave comments because, as you said, I don't always relate to the topic. However, as a blogger, I love receiving comments on my blog--oh, and thank you for the lovely comments you've been leaving. They've helped me a lot.

  17. I'm happy to learn I'm not the only one struggling with this problem. I've read all the comments and find I'm much like everyone else.

    Some blogs I visit every day, others less often. I always leave a comment if I have something to add. If I don't, I usually won't. Still others get some variation of 'great post', but I don't know what prompts that sort of comment instead of none. Maybe I need to think about that :)

    I feel the most guilty if I don't comment, but if there are a lot of comments already and I don't have anything new, that's what happens. Especially if I'm reading late at night and the blogger is someone who blogs every day.

  18. I try to leave a comment on the blogs I read if I can add to it or if it sparks a conversation or let the blogger know that their topic was of interest to me.

    It all depends. Sometimes it's nice to know that someone is reading your blog.

  19. I usually leave a comment. Comments are a major part of the satisfaction for a blogger, so unless it's a post I disagree with and don't want to be impolite and comment something contrary (which I have been known to do if I feel strongly enough), I go by the golden rule of Bloggydom-

    "Comment unto others as you would have them comment unto you."

    Marvin D Wilson

  20. Karen, thanks for stopping by. I enjoy your blog and have been amazed at your strength during your difficult time.

    Carol, the guilt for not commenting was bothering me. At least now I know I'm not alone either.

    Dru, it is nice to know when others take time to read what you've wrote. Thanks.

    Marvin, I like your golden rule of Bloggydom. I'll remember that, thanks for sharing it.

  21. I think that every normal and decent blogger enjoys seeing comments under their posts even when they are just short containing a greeting or a short praise. Everyone appreciates love and respect from their readers.

    I personally comment whenever somebody touches me with their story and when I have something to say.

    When it comes to your own blog, Masy, I comment whenever the book you are reviewing or your guest bloggers are interesting to me. Since I must admit I'm not someone who enjoys mystery and crime, I comment whenever you deal with some other issues and topics. But since you are in my blog roll you know I'm always here and watching you :))

  22. Dez, I appreciate being on your blog roll and knowing you're always watching. You know I continue to try and convert you to being a mystery and crime buff. :) And you keep me informed on what the movie world is doing.

  23. I think saying, "I enjoyed reading this post," is a very nice thing to say to a blog owner. But I'm kind of old-fashioned.

    I read blogs I don;t comment on, but if I have time, I always say soemthing.


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