Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Salon: Three Reviews

I decided to be a little different today and review three books instead of one, as well as venturing into a new genre. 

The books are for all ages, but with more focus toward youngsters in the four to 12 year old range.

All three books are from the Brian D. McClure Children Book Series. Each is beautifully illustrated by Buddy Plumlee. The series contains universal life lessons that educate and empower while entertaining.

“The Sun and The Moon” compares the actions of the sun and the moon with that of humans. The sun and the moon argue and walk out on their responsibilities. Without them realizing it, their actions cause harm and destruction to Earth and it inhabitants. Soon the realize what they’ve done, makeup and resume their duties bring things back to the way they should be.

“The Raindrop” tells the adventure of a single raindrop who feels he is useless. As he travels on his journey he remembers the higher purpose of his life. The book tells the importance of all things big and small.

The book can be found on Amazon at:

“The Birds and The Frogs”
focuses on one group being superior over another group. In the story the birds convenience the frogs that they are superior because they can fly and the frogs can’t. The frogs believe them and bow down to them. A young group of tadpoles finally teach the birds and the frogs a higher truth. Through the teachings they learn to respect and accept each other on equal ground and overcoming bullying.

All three books have uplifting rhymes and inspiring messages that entertain and education both children and adults. In each book the message flows between the characters of the story and humans, giving examples in both forms.
The books are not rated for a certain age group. Instead they are listed on the back book jacket cover as juvenile/spiritual/inspirational for all ages. These would be great books to read for a bedtime story.

The Sun and the Moon, Universal Flag Publishing, @ 2006, ISBN: 978-1-933426-09-9, Hardcover, 36 pages. The Raindrop, Universal Flag Publishing, @ 2006, ISBN: 978-1-933426-01-3, Hardcover, 36 pages. The Birds and The Frogs, Universal Flag Publishing, @2007, ISBN: 978-1-933426-13-6, Hardcover, 40 pages.

FTC Full Disclosure - All three books were sent to me by the Cadence Group in hopes I would review them. However, receiving the complimentary copies did not influence my review.


  1. Mason - Thanks for sharing these books : ). I believe that some of the most important literature there is is literature designed to get children reading. So I am truly an admirer of those who write good children's books.

  2. The covers of all three books are absolutely enchanting and messages important. Thank you for sharing.

  3. The covers are so beautiful! Who could resist. And the messages are wonderful, too. Wish I still had young children at home.

  4. Beautiful books! Thanks for sharing these with us, Mason. :) I always like having picture books in my house and my kids always read them...even my 13 year old!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. Margot, I agree one of the best things we can do is encourage children to read.

    VR, the book covers definitely catch your attention. I'm giving these to my 2-year-old cousin today for his mother to read to him. I'm curious what his reaction will be to the covers.

    Deb, not having children myself is one reason I hadn't reviwed any children's books. But I got to thinking about my cousins and decided it would be a great way to share my love of books with them.

    Elizabeth, after reading these books and the graphic novel earlier I'm looking forward to see more children's books. The books are good plus it's a reminder of my childhood reading.

  6. I love picture books. I use them all the time as teaching tools in my classroom - and I teach 11 year olds. So powerful. Thanks!

  7. All three sound like good books for kids. I'm glad kid books have changed over the years to be more meaningful and instructive - while also being great reads.

    Straight From Hel

  8. I love children's book! :-D

    I worry about heavy-handed messages, so will have to check them out before I can say whether I'd like them or not! The illos are nice, very sweet, and the ideas are nice. And I like poetry!

  9. Jemi, I think picture books are great for all of us from time to time.

    Helen, it is good to see that children's books have changed as our society has changed, but still remained fun and entertaining.

    Mary, these message arent' very heavy-handed but more suggestive.

  10. Thanks for the reviews - they all seem interesting. I like inspiring and uplifting themes.

    The Old Silly

  11. Those would be really cute for kids!

  12. Mason-do you have children? Just curious why you are reading children's books?

  13. Marvin, these are inspiring and uplifting books for youngsters that even the adults can appreciate.

    Diane, my thoughts exactly.

    Esme, no children. But I do have young cousins and I'd like to be able to share my love of reading with them. Decided to review some children's books so I'd know what I was recommending to them. Plus they make great gifts.

  14. The books seem just the sort I would like to have around at home (my kids are 4 and 6, so right there in the suggested range). I particularly liked the story about the birds and the frogs - with two tadpoles in my house, I know how they often grasp truths we adults miss.


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