Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guest Blogger, Stacia Kane

Join me in welcoming author Stacia Kane as the special guest blogger here at Thoughts in Progress today as she begins her blog tour.

Stacia’s latest release is entitled, “Demon Possessed.” This is the third book in her series featuring psychic psychologist Dr. Megan Chase.

Here’s a brief blurb about the book: “Six months after her defeat of the monstrous Ktana Leyak, Megan's life seems to have settled down. But when Megan and her steamy demon lover, Greyson Dante, book a week at a luxury hotel to attend a meeting of demon leaders, some unanticipated problems appear. Then, just when it seems as if things couldn't possibly get any worse, a secret comes to light that could jeopardize Megan and Greyson's future -- if Megan manages to live that long.

Stacia has stopped by for a quick interview about her latest book and her writing.

Could you give us a brief description of your Megan Chase series for those readers not familiar with it?  

Megan is a counseling psychologist who also happens to be a psychic, though nobody knows about the psychic part. She's also, after the first book, the human leader of the Yezer Ha-Ra, the tiny demons who sit on humanity's right shoulders and try to convince them to do evil. It's a pretty awkward situation for Megan to be in, but luckily she has her demon lover Greyson Dante, her best friend Tera Green who is a witch, and her three bodyguards, Malleus, Maleficarum, and Spud.  

It's hopefully a lot of fun, with some scary/creepy mixed in.

What inspired you to write a series about a psychic psychologist?

Well, I really liked the idea of twisting that "personal demon" phrase and doing something funny with it, so I needed Megan to be in some sort of career where she would reasonably fight the Yezer without realizing it, and a career where she would suddenly achieve some sort of mild fame. Originally she wrote a book, but I decided I really didn't want her to be the sort of person who would use that awful "How can I slay your personal demons" line seriously, so it switched a bit. 

Is each book a stand alone or do they need to be read in order?

I think they're better read in order, yes. You could probably read DEMON INSIDE first if you wanted to, but probably not DEMON POSSESSED; and you'd probably enjoy both more if you started at the beginning. Sorry! 

Is there another Megan Chase book in the works or do you have something different planned?

Right now I'm waiting for my new series to start--the first book is called UNHOLY GHOSTS and will be out May 25 from Del Rey. It's a much darker story, one I'm hugely proud of. I'm also working on some new things. No, no other Megan Chase books are planned at this time.

How do you do research for your series?

It depends on what I'm researching! It doesn't really require a lot of research; I look up the demons mentioned in it--at least the bad guys--in an encyclopedia of demonology I have, but a lot of the demons are made up, too. (The only ones who are real are the bad guys; those have all been actual demons/creatures.)  

I had a friend who was a counselor, and she went over a bunch of stuff and gave me a bunch of notes while I wrote the first book, to make sure I portrayed all of Megan's work stuff accurately. Another friend who's an attorney went over the legal stuff in DEMON INSIDE. But aside from that, it's mostly just made up! :-) 

What made you decide to become a writer?

I've always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was a child. Over the years I didn't really try very hard, and long periods went by where I hardly thought of it at all, but after my first daughter was born I decided it was time to get started. I played for another few years, but in early 2005 I really got going, and I started selling shortly thereafter. 

Is there anything you'd like readers to know about your, your writing and/or your books that they might not already know?

Hmm. Just that I really, really hope they're happy with each book, because that's my goal. 

Stacia, thanks so much for stopping by and answering these questions. This gives us some great insight into the new book and the series, as well as your writing. Hope you have a great blog tour and much success with your book. 

Thank you!

What would you do if you had booked a week’s stay at a luxury hotel with your mate only to be faced with problems and secrets? Would you be up to the challenge?


  1. Mason - Thanks for hosting Stacia.
    Stacia - I truly respect authors like you who are able to create new worlds, not just stories. That takes a special skill. Your Megan Chase series sounds like a real mix of mystery, fantasy and the paranormal - romance, too. Intriguing...

  2. Interesting genre blending here! And a great interview, y'all.

    If I'd booked a week at a luxury hotel and was faced with problems and secrets, I think I'd be royally ticked! In MY books, that would lead to a murder. :)

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. Margot, thanks. Stacia's series does seem to be a real mix of interesting twists and turns.

    Elizabeth, I could see Myrtle handling the hotel situation in her usual "interesting" way, especially if there's a murder involved. ;)

    Stacia, thanks so much for guest blogging today. Your series sounds intriguing and I like the touch of humor your characters seem to have.

  4. What a creative idea - love it! I got a great visual reading the concept :)

  5. Thanks for the feature and intro to Stacia. Very creative, unique with the ideas, and talented writer!

    The Old Silly

  6. This sounds like an entertaining and creepy series, Stacia. I like paranormal novels as long as there are no vampires...

  7. Just booking a week away, without the kids, would be a challenge! Anything after that wouldn't be much of a challenge, the hard part would be over :)

  8. Jemi, it is very creative isn't it.

    Marvin, thanks for stopping by and glad you enjoy it.

    Patricia, we'll have to find you a vampire book that's got some humor in it so you'll like vampires. Something like the movie with George Hamilton (which I can't remember the name of at the moment.) LOL

    Janel, I feel the same way except I have four cats (not counting the barn cats), a dog and five horses to worry about. So I understand about trying to get away being a challenge.

  9. While this is not a genre I'd normally choose to read, you make it sound good and really interesting-- like that it might be funny.


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