Tuesday, May 11, 2021

A Special Place for Women

Today I’m happy to tell you about a book that is released today by author Laura Hankin, A SPECIAL PLACE FOR WOMEN (Berkley Hardcover; On Sale May 11, 2021).

This is scandalous fun that can best be described as “The Wing” meets “The Illuminati” -- the story of a New York journalist who goes undercover to tease out the secrets of an elite women’s-only social club.

It’s a club like no other. Only the most important women receive an invitation. Or at least, that’s what the rumors say―no one has yet to confirm the existence of Nevertheless, New York’s most secret, female-run society that seems to have inordinate influence over the city and its biggest scandals. People in the know whisper all sorts of claims: membership dues cost $1,000 a month. The women even handpicked the city’s first female mayor. But no one knows for sure.

Jillian Beckley, a native New Yorker and recently laid-off journalist, makes it her mission to prove the existence of this top-secret club.

It’s not long before Jillian manages to find an “in” at Nevertheless―and is captivated by the billionaire “girlbosses” who mingle with the astrology-obsessed and the trendiest of New York influencers. While it’s hard to ignore the sense of confidence and belonging that Nevertheless seems to provide―for its up-and-coming young members, and for Jillian, too―Jillian can’t help but keep a watchful eye on the club’s founders, who seem to be hiding something beyond the secret of the group’s existence, and who are just a little too fond of calling themselves “witches.”

As Jillian dives deeper into the inner circles of Nevertheless, it becomes apparent that bad things happen to those who dare to question the club’s motives―and its leaders may be far more powerful, and dangerous, than she ever imagined.

Meet the Author: Laura Hankin

Laura Hankin is the author of Happy & You Know It. She has written for publications like McSweeney's and HuffPost, while her musical comedy has been featured in The New York TimesThe Washington Post, and more.

She splits her time between NYC, where she has performed off-Broadway, and Washington D.C., where she once fell off a treadmill twice in one day.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Have you ever heard of any type of club like this elite women’s-only social club?


  1. Oh my.
    I have heard about men's clubs which are powerful, secretive and dangerous, but not of the female equivalent. I can't see why not though.

  2. This sounds so intriguing, Mason! And there are certainly men's clubs composed of powerful people - why not a women's club? What an interesting premise! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Mason - suffering connectivity problems ... hence not getting around as much as I'd like.

    This sounds like loads of fun ... so an excellent choice to highlight here ... thanks - all the best - Hilary


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