Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A Scene in Time (+ Giveaway)


Today I am excited to join The Audio Flow in sharing A Scene In Time by Jessica A. Clements. Narrated by Marnye Young, Allyson Voller, and Taylor Meskimen, this is the first audiobook in The Wellesley/O’Brien Saga.

A Scene in Time by Jessica A. Clements

Adam, a Southern gentleman, knew the call to arms was near when President Lincoln asked for 100,000 men to stop secession and rebellion in the South. He joined the Union Cavalry – but not before he married his best, and only, friend. 

Abby, an Irish immigrant that settled with her family in Virginia, was as Southern as you could get. When her husband announces that he had joined the Union cavalry, she couldn’t believe what she heard. She supported the decision of the one person that she loved more than the world itself. 

As the war raged on, things weren’t always as they seemed. Abby’s sisters joined in the Southern cause, working to keep the way of life that the South had always had. Through grief, pain, and battles Abby keeps to the one place that she felt closest to her husband – the cottage that their families had given them. 

A scene in time. An epic battle. And a tale of how love (through all of its forms) can transcend life and death.

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Now my thoughts: 

This story is a blend of romance, drama, family ties, and adventurous strong female characters, with touches of paranormal sprinkled about.


The narrations by Marnye Young, Allyson Voller, and Taylor Meskimen bring the various characters to life. The modulations of the narrators gives emotions to the events throughout the story. Their voices help to draw you in. The diversity of the narrators enhances the story as they portray the emotions of the characters.

The author takes you on a journey during the Civil War. The story is a great reminder that women disguised themselves as young men in order to fight in the war for the cause they believed in. The story also details how families were torn apart fighting for what they cared about. With an eye for detail, the author puts you in the midst of what it might have felt like on the battlefield, as well as for those waiting at home.


This is a story of love, strength, and enduring more than we sometimes think we can. The story follow the events from the viewpoint of several characters adding depth to the story and giving a well-round outlook. 

The story gives a look at how far some will go for those they love, as well as following one's own heart. An intriguing story.


Meet the Author: Jessica A. Clements

Jessica A. Clements writes historical romances set during the US Civil War and the Regency Eras. When she is not writing she can be found playing with her son, composing music, playing in a band, and working her day job. 

One of the many things she loves to do with her son is travel to new historical places. They have been to Custer’s Battlefield, Saint Augustine, Savannah, and a couple of smaller battlefields in Alabama. They hope to be able to add to their list soon. 

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  1. I really like the Civil War context for this, Mason. The real event did separate families, and I'm sure there were a lot of people who felt as Adam and Abby do. Thanks for sharing this.


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