Monday, December 21, 2020

Incandescent Visions by Lee Hudspeth

I’ve always been a fan of just about all genres of books, including poetry. Today I’d like to welcome a new-to-me author and tell you a bit about his newly published poetry book.


By Lee Hudspeth
*Format: Paperback, Hardcover, eBook, Audio
*Pages: 64
*ISBN: 978-1-7334364-1-0 (Paperback)
*Publication Date: December 2019
*Genre: Inspirational & Religious Poetry, Haiku Poetry, Nature Poetry
*Publisher: Self-published

Having written numerous works of nonfiction, this is Lee Hudspeth’s debut book of poetry. Incandescent Visions explores the meaning of the human experience, as the author encourages his readers to ponder the universe and their place within it, and to catalyze their own creative potential.

From the sublime shores of the Mediterranean to the majestic expansiveness of deep space, this book contemplates nostalgia, perspective and the gift of love. Through five short yet powerful, thought-provoking chapters of contemporary poems—and a dash of elegant, evocative haiku—Hudspeth takes his readers on a journey across the inner landscape of struggle, triumph, self-realization and imagination.

Here is one of Lee’s poems for your reading pleasure.

“The Point of Four Winds”


One is Day, to remember

Two is Night, to caress
Three is Rain, to bless
Four is Cosmology, to engender

Bringing me tolerance

The four winds encourage clarity
Resist the hubris of me
Upend my elitist poverty
Reject the paralysis of incuriosity

Missing the point altogether

With my own tempest
I am guilty
So I work to be kinder
The six breaths and all the rest
Let it go, fratello

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Meet the Author


Lee Hudspeth is a poet, writer, musician and fellow human being. Incandescent Visions is his first book of poetry.

He is the co-author of ten nonfiction books in the field of Information Technology. He has written articles for professional journals like PC Computing and Office Computing. He is the author of over one hundred articles in the online magazine The Naked PC, which he co-founded and co-published.

He lives in Southern California with his wife, two sons and their cat.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today. Do you enjoy poetry? Have you ever tried your hand at writing poetry? Doesn’t poetry just touch you in so many ways?


  1. Thank you.
    Someone (Rumi?) said that poetry is the language of the heart - which makes a heap of sense to me.
    Huge congratulations to Lee and thank you for the introduction.

  2. I have to admit, I haven't read enough poetry lately, Mason. This sounds like a great collection, though, and I'm glad you featured it.

  3. What a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing this, Mason.

  4. Mason, I'm honored that you are sharing my poetry book with your audience. Thank you!

  5. Hi Mason - I love that cover of Lee's ... while the poem you feature is delightful to read. I too need to read more poetry and understand more ... good luck to him ...
    Have peaceful seasonal holiday times ... all the best - Hilary


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