Thursday, June 18, 2020

In A Pickle by Cindy Dorminy

Born and raised in Georgia, I’m always quickly drawn to stories set in my home state or small Southern towns in general. That’s one thing that caught my eye about author Cindy Dorminy’s latest release, IN A PICKLE. Besides, doesn’t that title and book cover just make you smile?

When I read the blurb about the book, I knew it would be a good fit for here. I’m delighted to welcome Cindy to Thoughts in Progress to talk about her book. Welcome, Cindy.

Welcome to Smithville, Georgia, the sassiest town south of the Mason-Dixon line! Readers were first introduced to this quirky town in my novel, In A Jam, when Andie Carson moves to Smithville to inherit her grandmother’s lottery winnings. If you haven’t read that one yet, I won’t spoil it for you.

Although Smithville is a fictitious town, I have spent more time there than I care to admit in one particular tiny city in southern Georgia. While my setting isn’t that real city, several of their unique members of that community have made their way into my town as well as some of their unusual phrases.

Small towns have an important place in the fabric of this country and the residents are so vibrant, they deserve to be immortalized in print. (Be careful what you say around me because I am constantly jotting down the perfect line!!)

In A Pickle is Regina and Clint’s story. She’s prickly because her true love from high school divorced her after a year and became a professional baseball player. Yeah, Regina didn’t take it well. And Clint has some explaining to do.

I always love a second chance romance and the ‘will they / won’t they’ roller coaster the couple rides before they figure out what everyone else already knows is so much fun to read and write.

I hope you enjoy reading In A Pickle.

Cindy, thanks for sharing this insight into your book. I agree, small towns do have an important place in our country’s makeup.

Now here is the blurb that caught my attention. I bet it will do the same for you.

After years of crying in her sweet tea, Regina finally has her life in order. She has a great job, wonderful friends, and a successful fiancĂ©. But when the town council decides to do something special for this year’s Pickle Festival, life gets a little briny. As a former Pickle Queen, Regina has a chance to win fifty thousand dollars if she participates in a three-day photo scavenger hunt, but she must compete with her former Pickle King, Clint. He’s the guy who ripped her heart out when he left to play professional baseball and never looked back.

Clint Sorrow is as famous for starting bar fights as he is for stealing bases. Years ago, he vowed to never step foot back in Smithville, but when he finds out there’s a chance his baseball contract may not be renewed, he jumps at the opportunity to show his team he’s not a liability. As a bonus, he’ll get to spend time with Regina, the girl he left… and never stopped loving.

When Clint gets wind of Regina’s engagement, he decides he must stop it before she does something they’ll both regret. But Clint has a secret that will not only destroy her plans but may cause him to be benched for life.

For those who aren’t familiar with the author, here’s a bit of background on her.

Author Cindy Dorminy
Cindy Dorminy grew up on a steady diet of popcorn (the kind you pop in a saucepan), Tab (pre-Diet Coke), and movies for teenagers. She can't let a day go by without quoting a line from one of her favorite films, so quirky dialogue is a must in her stories.

After several decades of writing medical research documents, Cindy decided to switch gears and write stories where the chances of happy endings are 100% and the side effects include satisfied sighs, permanent smiles, and a chuckle or two.  She writes romance novels with a slice of humor that range from historical romance to southern fried romantic comedies. Her adult romance novels are published through Red Adept Publishing. When she's not at her research coordinator day job, Cindy is writing funny love stories, walking her dog, or slinging iron the old-fashioned way. Cindy is a member of Romance Writers of America and Music City Romance Writers.

Cindy was born in Texas and raised in Georgia.  She received her bachelor’s degree from Kennesaw State University and her master’s degree from The University of Georgia. 

Cindy enjoys gardening, reading, bodybuilding and a whole bunch of movies. But her favorite pastime is spending time with Mark, her bass playing husband, Maddie Rose, the coolest girl on the planet, and fur child Daisy Mae. She currently resides in Nashville, TN where live music can be heard everywhere, even at the grocery store.
For more on Cindy and her writing, you can connect with her at the following sites:
Twitter: @cindydorminy
Facebook: @authordorminy
Instagram: cindydwrites

Thanks so much everyone for stopping by today. Can’t you just image the trouble (and fun) Regina and Clint are going to get into? Do you know a couple like them in real life?


  1. There is something about small towns isn't there? And it is very, very hard to keep secrets in them.
    Congratulations Cindy - this sounds like a heap of fun.

  2. There's something about those small southern towns, isn't there, Mason? And I do like this setup for a romance novel. It sounds as though there's wit in it, too, which makes it all the better. Thanks for sharing.

  3. She's going to have fun titling that series.


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