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Die a Yellow Ribbon (Pecan Bayou Mystery) by Teresa Trent

I'm delighted today to be a part of author Teresa Trent's Great Escapes Virtual Tour for her new release, DIE A YELLOW RIBBON, the 9th installment in her Pecan Bayou Mystery series.

As part of the tour, I have the honor of hosting Bunny Donaldson, Pecan Bayou's only Eco-Warrier, for a guest visit.

Die A Yellow Ribbon
By Teresa Trent
* Cozy Mystery 9th in Series
* Independently Published (April 23, 2020)
* Number of Pages: 185
* ASIN: B087N2X68V
* GoodReads Link Coming Soon

Betsy Fitzpatrick, a local helpful hints columnist, feels she has found her own personal guru after reading a book on organizing. Her beloved town of Pecan Bayou is competing in the Annual Golden Pecan Treasure Hunt in the suffocating heat of a Texas summer. The prize is a cruise out of Galveston, and Betsy's husband Leo is looking forward to a little alone time with his wife, if they can only win it.

After a curious accident and an unsolved murder, Betsy finds it takes more than a precision sock drawer to spark her joy. No matter how neat and organized it might be, murder is always messy.

Die a Yellow Ribbon features the cast of loveable characters from Pecan Bayou including Ruby Green from The Best Little Hairhouse in Texas, Mrs. Thatcher the dispatcher, and Lester Jibbets the port-a-potty king. Come along and follow the clues to find the Golden Pecan.

Recipes and helpful hints included! 

Now please join me in welcoming Bunny to Thoughts in Progress. Welcome, Bunny.

Hello everybody. I'm glad you took some time to visit with me today. 

Excuse me? You over there? Is that a Styrofoam cup I see in your hand? Did you know it doesn't just impact the environment but taints the very food and drink you consume? Go ahead, take another sip and I'll try not to notice when you grow another head.

Back to my guest post. This was tough for me to come here today because I'm in mourning for my sister Poppy. If you look on the cover of the book, there is a vase of poppies that our author was kind enough to include. I plant poppies on the bank of the Pecan Bayou so that I can be reminded of her. She fell off the Pecan Bayou bridge while night fishing. At least, that's the official police report, but I know otherwise. 

I say Poppy was murdered. The bridge isn't even that far off the ground, but she fell and hit her head on a rock below. What are the chances of that? I'm pretty sure who did it. The totally artificial banker's wife Sarah comes to mind. Have you looked at her? Pick a part on her body and I can tell you what's been tucked, lifted, improved, and changed completely. Yes, she's pretty, but come on. Real women sag. I never liked her and I've heard she wanders around at night. Takes these weird walks. I think she was on one of these walks when Poppy died. 

The worst part is no one believes me, just like no one takes the time to work hard a recycling, reusing, and repurposing. Like my handbag? It came from six pairs of holy jeans. Like my shoes? The souls are from recycled tires. 

I'll do anything to promote my cause of making the world a cleaner place. No toxins in the air and no toxins in the body. That's why I run a health food store. Everything is pure, unlike Maximum Muscle where those weightlifters go.  

That's all, except for I see you over there with that plastic water bottle. Oh yeh. I've seen you the whole time.

Bunny, thanks for stopping by. Sorry to hear about Poppy and you're right, we sometimes forget to take recycling more seriously.

About Teresa Trent

Author Teresa Trent
This is Teresa Trent's ninth book in the Pecan Bayou Series that takes place in everyone's favorite little town in Texas. 

Teresa writes the Pecan Bayou and Piney Woods series, but Pecan Bayou has always been a favorite place to call home for her. 

Teresa lives in Houston, Texas with her family. 

You can find out more about her and her work on her blog at or her website at

You can also connect with Teresa on the following sites:
Author Links TWITTER:


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Thanks so much for stopping by today. Did you enjoy Bunny's visit? Do you think she's right about her sister being murdered and who might have done it?

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  1. Yay Bunny. Loved the interview with her and am rapidly becoming as obsessive as she is. She is undoubtedly as right about her sister's murder as she is about recycling. And will no doubt irritate some of the same people by insisting on it.

  2. This is a nice setup and context for a mystery! I like novels with a solid sense of place, and it sounds as though this one has that. Thanks for sharing, Mason.

  3. Yay Elephant's Child! I loved your comment. I think we're all becoming a little obsessive about things right now. Hope you enjoy Die a Yellow Ribbon.

  4. I'm relieved I'm using my reusable cup! I think Betsy and I would get along just fine. Sounds like a great book!


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