Saturday, May 25, 2019

Two Like Me and You
Chad Alan Gibbs
Publication date: May 20th 2019
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Edwin Green’s ex-girlfriend is famous. We’re talking cover-of-every-tabloid-in-the-grocery-store-line famous. She dumped Edwin one year ago on what he refers to as Black Saturday, and in hopes of winning her back, he’s spent the last twelve months trying to become famous himself. It hasn’t gone well.
But when a history class assignment pairs Edwin with Parker Haddaway, the mysterious new girl at school, she introduces him to Garland Lenox, a nursing-home-bound World War II veteran who will change Edwin’s life forever.
The three escape to France, in search of the old man’s long-lost love, and as word of their adventure spreads, they become media darlings. But when things fall apart, they also become the focus of French authorities. In a race against time, who will find love, and who will only find more heartache?

Author Chad Alan Gibbs is also sharing a play list from one of his characters.
Parker Haddaway, one of the three main characters in Two Like Me and You, is obsessed with ‘90s hip hop and references songs several times throughout the novel. So I’m going to give you a mixed tape, with the A-side full of songs Parker references, and a B-side of songs that inspired me while writing the book.

Side A
1. “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” – Ol’ Dirty Bastard
2. “So What’Cha Want” – Beastie Boys
3. “I Wish” – Skee-Lo
4. “O.P.P.” – Naughty By Nature
5. “Poison” – Bel Biv Devoe
6. “Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix-a-Lot
7. “B.O.B.” – Outkast

Side B
1. “Go Places” – The New Pornographers
2. “French Navy” – Camera Obscura
3. “Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur” – Sigur Rós
4. “Do You Believe In Magic.” – The Lovin’ Spoonful
5. “Rill Rill” – Sleigh Bells
6. “I Should Live in Salt” – The National
7. “I Don’t Believe You.” – The Magnetic Fields

Author Bio:
Chad Alan Gibbs lives in Alabama with his wife, two sons, two dogs, and an embarrassingly large collection of Star Wars action figures. Two Like Me and You is his first novel.
Thanks for stopping by. Do you enjoy listening to play list that you know your favorite characters would enjoy? Have you ever thought of songs you felt like certain characters would like? Have a great holiday weekend!!



  1. As always the book you have featured here fills me with bookie lust.

  2. This looks really interesting. History mixed in with a solid plot and some life lessons, too...that sounds like a solid mix for a story. Thanks for sharing, Mason.

  3. This captivating and unique novel appeals to me greatly. The story, characters and plot is intriguing. The playlist is special and I love listening to certain songs which apply to the characters.

  4. This sounds like a fabulous story!!! Love the mix of age, youth, experience, adventure!


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