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Queen Moxie {+ Giveaway}

◊ QUEEN MOXIE by Hank Quense
◊ Series: Princess Moxie, Book 3
◊ File Size: 4861 KB
◊ Print Length: 85 pages
◊ Publisher: Strange Worlds Publishing (February 1, 2018)
◊ Publication Date: February 1, 2018
◊ Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
◊ Language: English
◊ ASIN: B0775W1NWP

In this humorous tale, it is now ten years since Moxie became Queen of Usca in south-west Britain. A tribe of Picts shatters her peaceful reign by migrating from the north and occupying territory just outside her border.
Moxie decides to build a fort to help control the wild Picts. To her surprise, she discovers that the fort has been built on land claimed by the forest fairies. Oberon, the King of the fairies, destroys the fort using magic.
Moxie threatens Oberon with military might. Oberon threatens Moxie with magic. To counter Oberon, Moxie asks Camelot to send Merlin to help her out and Arthur agrees.
Once Merlin arrives, Moxie demands that he confront Oberon and use magic spells to defeat the Fairy King. Merlin isn’t thrilled by the request. Moxie wants him to cast field magic spells, a type of spell casting that Merlin has never been able to master.
The Picts hear about the fort and decide Moxie has become hostile. They determine to attack rather than wait for Moxie to attack them.
Meanwhile, Moxie’s only child, the ten-year-old daughter, Aethelwine, decides she won’t be the next queen, leaving Moxie without an heir.
Tristan, a Knight of the Round Table, has been exiled by Arthur for insulting all the nobles with his songs and is staying in Moxie’s castle. He is working on a play to be staged in Stonehenge. Tristan hopes the play will end his exile since it praises King Arthur and Camelot
Faced with threats from the fairies and the Picts, Moxie decides to take on the fairies. Merlin tells Moxie and Oberon they are both idiots for fighting each other when the real threat comes from the Picts who will be able to conquer both after they fight a battle and are weakened by casualties.
Moxie and Oberon agree to a treaty and combine forces to confront the Picts who have been reinforced by boatloads of warriors.
Can Moxie and Oberon convince the Picts to back down?
And what about Aethelwine?
Is Tristan’s play any good?

Have you ever read a story that is hard to share because you’re afraid of giving too many spoilers? That’s how I feel about QUEEN MOXIE, a delightful new tale by Hank Quense.

This tantalizing story deals with King Arthur, knights, fairies, magic, fascinating lands, and a queen trying to defend her throne and be a mother at the same time. The football game (oops) adds a touch of reality and another layer of amusement to this amazing story.

This fun story is filled with adventure, humor, and eclectic characters. The queen has her hands full defending her land and dealing with her nine-year-old rebellious daughter. This tale will have you laughing from beginning to end.

QUEEN MOXIE is a charming story that will give you an entertaining new outlook on the era of King Arthur and the people of that region. This is a story you won’t be able to put down.

Queen Moxie by Hank Quense, Princess Moxie Series (Book 3), Strange Worlds Publishing, @2018, ASIN: B0775W1NWP, 85 Pages, 4861 KB

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by the author. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today. This is a delightful book, I hope you’ll check it out. Be sure to enter the giveaway. Have you ever thought of King Arthur and Camelot battling fairies? 

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  1. I feel sorry for Tristan! Still, I suppose he should have known better than to insult the Nobles. :)

  2. Football story? That's a unique addition.

    1. In my Camelot, warriors compete by playing football (soccer to us Yanks) instead of the shield wall. Less causalties that way

  3. Oh, this does sound fun, Mason. And there's something about ancient history that makes a good backdrop for the fantasy element of the story. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ancient history makes fro great fantasy satire

  4. This does sound like a fun book! Congratulations to Hank.

  5. I hear you about the fear of giving away too many details, and yet it's not enough to just say, "It was awesome. GO read it!" LOL. Ah, the conundrum.


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