Sunday, December 11, 2016

#PNR and #UF Giveaway Party!

Christmas is just around the corner and what a wonderful time for a huge (awesome) giveaway. A group of authors got together to bring you this Big Box of Paperbacks Giveaway!

One lucky winner is going to win SIXTY-TWO (that’s right 62) Paperback Books! How’s that for an epic Book-Lover’s Prize?!

If you are a fan of Urban Fantasy, Dystopian Fiction, or Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romance, you’re going to want to get in on this! The best part is that even if you don’t win, you’ll be subscribed to the sponsoring authors newsletters for a chance to grab some freebies, snag some special offers, and enter more giveaways!

Here are a couple of sneak peeks at what you could win!

Excerpt from FOXBLOOD: A Brush with the Moon by Raquel Lyon

The funeral was a typically sombre affair, alive with soggy tissues and streaky make-up. I stood at the back, letting the vicar’s voice wash over me, and spent the whole time staring at the flower-laden coffin, wondering if the lid would suddenly flip up and a fanged monster would escape to reap its vengeance on the congregation.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t happen, and as the mourners dispersed in the direction of the pub, I quietly snuck off home. I wasn’t in the mood for crowds and needed time to think, time to try to make sense of at least something, but as I turned to close the door, it was obstructed by a perfectly polished black shoe that belonged to…


“Seb, please,” he said, easing his way through. “Only my father calls me Sebastian.” He checked down the backstreet and closed the door securely. His eyes scanned the flat. “Nice place.”

“I like it.”

“It doesn’t bother you? Living over a funeral parlour?” he asked.

“Why would it? The neighbours are quiet.”

He didn’t laugh at my joke; neither did he comment. He simply stood silently, staring. It was very unnerving and made my legs go all wobbly. Perhaps if I turned away from him, he’d disappear again? It was worth a shot. I forced my jelly legs over to the front window and stared out at nothing in particular. The light was subdued, and the sky had darkened to an air force grey. A low mist was beginning to carpet the distant fields, and I wondered if snow had been forecast.

I knew my little experiment hadn’t worked. He was still there. I could feel his presence and smell his scent, a musky, inviting aroma that filled my senses and sent my head into a whirl, and it was getting stronger.

“Your friends interrupted us the other day. Can we talk now?” he whispered softly into my neck, and his fingertips traced a fiery trail down my spine.

“What’s the point? There’s nothing to say. I wish you’d just leave me alone,” I said, lowering my head in time to see Lara leaving the newsagents. She glanced up with a look of fury contorting her face as Sebastian’s hands reached around either side of me and grabbed the window frame.

“I can’t do that. I’m not that strong,” he said.

I studied the arms now imprisoning me, with their perfectly formed muscles straining against the rolled-up sleeves of his white shirt, and seriously doubted his statement. His stance was predatory and made me feel uncomfortable. I ducked under his elbow to escape, but he caught me around the waist and pulled me against him. Our bodies moulded together perfectly, and the strength of his grip made me feel like a china doll that he’d be able to crush in an instant. He was almost a full head taller than I was, and the warmth of his breath caressed my forehead. How easy it would be to reach up and taste those lips. I imagined the feel of them, and my own parted in an involuntary invitation.

The full Foxblood series can be seen here:


Excerpt from DRAGON’S WEB by Lia Davis

Cayden watched a single tear roll down her cheek. She wasn’t lying. Her story explained why she’d suddenly disappeared. However, Nyna believed that Kara left town with a guy she met on the Internet. It was most likely a story her uncle had fed her. “You’ve been held captive for the last year and a half?”

Kara nodded and glanced up at him. “I need to tell Nyna her uncle is not the nice, caring man she believes him to be.”

“Yet you can’t just show up and blurt that out. Nyna was crushed when you left…were kidnapped.” He silently cursed himself for revealing Nyna’s feelings to Kara. Yet he couldn’t lie to her. Not that he made a habit of being dishonest with anyone. It wasn’t his nature. However, Kara stirred an attraction that no one except Nyna had sparked in both the man and the dragon. It both confused and intrigued him. Pushing off the wall, he moved to stand in front of her. “Stand up.”

She reluctantly did as he commanded. He lifted her chin and locked gazes with her. The green in her eyes darkened slightly. “What are your intentions with Nyna?”

“I love her. She’s the only family I have, and thoughts of her are what kept me strong and alive for the last year and a half. I’ll fight you for her.” Her green eyes shone with unshed tears. Wild fear mixed with determination rolled off her.

So will I. He entertained the idea that he could include Kara in the web. It was tricky, but it had been done. His magic was strong. He could build a big enough web to bind the three of them together. However, he had to be sure Kara’s intentions were true to her heart. His curse could only be broken if the love within the union was strong and pure. In other words, he couldn’t cast a love spell. No, the only spell he was allowed to cast over his chosen female, or females in this case, was the dragon’s web; the enchantment to start the bonding that could hopefully break his curse.

For your chance to win this fantastic prize, ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE!

Thanks for stopping by today. What a fun way to fill a lot of stocking this Christmas! Are you giving books as Christmas gifts this year? If so, won’t this be a great gift to win for someone (including yourself) or for several people on your Christmas list? Do you enjoy getting books as gifts?


  1. Books are the very best gifts. To give and to receive.
    What an incredibly generous giveaway.

  2. It really looks massive all laid out on the step there. Yes, we are giving a few books this year.

  3. Wow! What a giveaway! This is really generous, Mason! Thanks for sharing.


  4. It's a great pleasure to give and receive books!!! Thanks for sharing this fabulous giveaway!!!

  5. That is a lot of books.

    I gave away a lot of books this year. My friends who do Thirty-One and Mary Kay always give their stuff, so I decided it was time I gave away things from my business.


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