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Reef Libre {+ Giveaway}

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Reef Libre by Robert Wintner - Thoughts in ProgressI’m delighted to be participating in author Robert Wintner’s iRead Book Tours for his amazing coffee-table book (and DVD), REEF LIBRE, AN IN-DEPTH LOOK AT CUBAN EXCEPTIONALISM AND THE LAST, BEST REEFS IN THE WORLD.

As part of the author’s tour, there’s also a tour-wide giveaway for a $25 Amazon Gift Card (open internationally). Please see the end of the post for more details on the giveaway. I’m sharing my thoughts on this amazing book and DVD, plus including a book trailer to give you an even better idea of just how awesome this is.

Book Title: Reef Libre, An In-Depth Look at Cuban Exceptionalism & the Last, Best Reefs in the World by Robert Wintner
Category:  Adult Non-Fiction, 266 pages
Genre: Nature, coral reefs
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

Here’s a brief synopsis of the book ……….

      Cuba reefs host apex predators and coral cover at optimal levels. While Cuban reef vitality may be linked to economic default and no shoreline development, no agricultural pesticides or fertilizers and limited human population growth, the Castro regime is aggressively developing its reef potential.
      Seas to the south are now 100% shark protected.
      Most Cuba travelogues advise “getting off the beaten path,” but Reef Libre examines that path, to see where it might lead as things change. Will Cuba reefs remain protected? Or is this perilous age of natural decline a last chance to see a healthy reef system?
      Robert Wintner and the Snorkel Bob Jardines de la Reina Expedition herein provide narrative insight with photos and video. First stop is the baseline: Havana urban density. Down south at Cayo Largo, reef collapse seems imminent with 600 guests changing daily, and the phosphate-laden laundry water flowing directly to the deep blue sea. Will Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism step up with the Jardines de la Reina paradigm? Rising from the Golfo de Ana María, Jardines is a thousand square miles of mangrove estuary, for ages compromised by constant extraction of its biggest predators, taken as food. Protected, it now rises on the world reef stage.
      A DVD comes with the book in a paper sleeve glued to the inside cover. Reef Libre, the movie, runs about an hour.

The book is available at the following sites: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Here are my thoughts ………

Author Robert Wintner’s passion for the environment and wildlife shines in his latest coffee-table book and DVD release.

Known as Snorkel Bob, the author leads readers on an amazing journey through the reefs off of Cuba’s shores. He explains how some areas of the world have destroyed the aquatic wildlife, while Cuba has made an effort to save theirs.

There are breathtaking color photos of the reefs and aquatic wildlife throughout the book. The vivid photos showcase the beauty that many will never see.

The story is beautifully formatted in a coffee-table book that will enhance any setting. Visitors won’t be able to resist thumbing through the lush pages. Don’t be surprised if the browsing quickly turns into reading. Not only a delight to look through, REEF LIBRE is entertaining and very informative.

An added bonus of the lovely hardcover book is the included DVD. The hour-long DVD brings the breathtaking wildlife and scenery to life. Viewers can see how the aquatic wildlife and reefs benefit each other. The peaceful movements of the wildlife will mesmerize you. A commentary goes along with the DVD so viewers know more about what they are observing.

If watching fish in an aquarium has ever captured your attention, REEF LIBRE is a must have for your library. With this book readers will have a much better understanding and appreciation for the awesome wildlife inhabiting our waters.

REEF LIBRE is a book (and DVD) all ages will enjoy and marvel at.

Reef Libre, An In-Depth Look at Cuban Exceptionalism and the Last, Best Reefs in the World by Robert Wintner, Taylor Trade Publishing, @2015, ISBN: 978-1630760731, Hardcover, 272 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me by as part of the author’s virtual book tour in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.


Author Robert Wintner - Thoughts in Progress
Author Robert Wintner
Best known as Snorkel Bob in Hawaii and around the world, Robert Wintner captures Cuba above and below the surface with urgency and hope. As a pioneer in fish portraiture, Wintner demonstrated social structure and etiquette in reef society. Reef Libre goes to political context, in which human folly will squander Cuba’s reefs as well—unless natural values can at last transcend political greed. As pundits joust over who did what to whom and why, Wintner ponders reef prospects in view of political changes.

Robert Wintner has authored many novels and story collections. Reef Libre is his fourth reef commentary with photos and his first overview of survival potential in a political maelstrom. He lives and works in Hawaii, still on the front lines of the campaign to stop the aquarium trade around the world.

For more information on the author visit his website and connect with him on Facebook.


This tour-wide giveaway is for a $25 Amazon Gift Card and is open internationally. To enter, just click on the Rafflecopter widget below and follow the instructions. The widget may take a few moments to load so please be patient.

Thanks for visiting today. I’m still visiting friends and away from my computer a good bit, but I’ll be back before long. I’m including the book trailer for this amazing book so you can see the true beauty of it. Do you find watching aquatic wildlife relaxing? Have you ever dived to observe reefs anywhere?

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  1. I have been, and marvelled at the Great Barrier Reef. I believe the oceans are our last great frontier - and I so hope that we can preserve them.

  2. Very cool it comes with a DVD. I bet the images in both the book and the DVD are stunning.

  3. Hi Mason - that sounds an amazing book and video. Also Robert deserves to be known more .. perhaps he is and I never picked up on him. I sincerely hope they can keep the Reef undisturbed by pollutants ... great idea to let us know .. cheers Hilary

  4. seems like something that took a lot of effort and dedication to make

  5. I'd like to win this book because it sounds really interesting!

  6. What a beautiful book!!! I'm glad you shared it, Mason!

  7. I would love that! I was just looking at my fish tank a second ago. Sea creatures are so fascinating.

  8. Replies
    1. Why do I want to win the book because it full of good info and a cool read.

  9. Thanks for a compelling review and for feeling the magic. I would suggest that Reef Libre is not only good for people who like looking at aquariums, but that it would also serve as a substitute AND and motivation to take down any aquarium they can, so that reefs around the world might endure.

  10. Congratulations to Robert! I did a giveaway with a $25 gift card and it got a LOT of social media attention, so they're great. I did have a couple of people who won books that never replied--I guess they just were entering for the gift card.

  11. i think it sounds like a great read

  12. I would love this book because it sounds like a great book to read.

  13. i think it sounds interesting


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