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On Tour: Willow Springs by Carolyn Steele

Willow Springs coverIt’s a pleasure to be participating in author Carolyn Steele’s Cedar Fort Virtual Book Tour for her recent release, WILLOW SPRINGS.

I’m sharing my thoughts on this delightful novel, giving a bit of background on the author and including a schedule of the book tour
WILLOW SPRINGS by Carolyn Steele

Starting over isn’t easy, especially when you’re hiding dark secrets. Author Carolyn Steele explores this idea in her novel, WILLOW SPRINGS, setting the story in the old West.

Swedish immigrant Crissa Engleson is looking to start over in the small gold mining town of Willow Springs in Utah. She hopes she’s left her problems back in Boston, but they soon begin to catch up with her.

Meanwhile, Crissa has fallen for the handsome Pony Express rider Drake Adams, son of an influential mine owner. While Drake returns her interest, Garth Wight is also determined to have Crissa for his own reasons. As Crissa’s past closes in, secrets are learned and unexpected paths taken. The road to happiness for Crissa takes many turns and town secrets are revealed along the way.

Steele has created a light-hearted romance filled with mystery, suspense and intrigue. Set again a Western backdrop, the story flows quickly with a roller coaster element of surprises.

The characters are likable and realistic. The author’s vivid descriptions of the area and time period enhances the story. The well-blended story draws the reader in quickly.

WILLOW SPRINGS is an enchanting tale of love, secrets, forgiveness, hope and new beginnings.

Willow Springs by Carolyn Steele, Cedar Fort Inc., @2014, ISBN: 978-1462114573, Paperback, 240 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure – A copy of this book was sent to me as part of the author’s virtual book tour in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review. The thoughts are completely my own and given honestly and freely.


Born and raised in Utah, Carolyn Steele was introduced to western novels at a very young age by her grandfather, the son of a gold miner. She has been writing technical and marketing communications for most of her adult life.
Her nonfiction articles have appeared in numerous national magazines. She earned her undergraduate degree in Communications from the University of Utah. 

Married and living in Salt Lake City, Utah, Carolyn loves researching obscure history then weaving it into stories. She also enjoys family dinners with her children and grandchildren, photography, travel, golf, reading, and all forms of needlework.  

For more on Carolyn and her writing, visit her website.

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Thanks for stopping by today. I hope I’ve enticed you a bit to check out this delightful novel. Have you ever wished you lived in the old West? 

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  1. Good to know Westerns are still alive and well.

    1. Alex, this has a old West setting but isn't so much about cowboys as miners in the old West. But yes, Westerns are still alive and well.

  2. Dark secrets but it's still light-hearted?

    1. Diane, I know a strange play on words. It's a light-hearted story for the most part and the secret from her past (as well as the town's) is always overshadowing the events thus a dark secret.

  3. Mason - Thanks for sharing this. It sounds as though this is a mix of romance and suspense, and the Old West is a solid setting for that.

    1. Margot, the Old West is always a unique setting for a story for me. I like as the romance blooms, the suspense grows and you're waiting to see which will win out - love or the secrets.

  4. Mason, thanks for sharing about this book. Sounds interesting.

  5. It's always intriguing when dark secrets are involved!

  6. it does seem enchanting, especially the cover!

  7. Mason, I was collecting blog posts about Willow Springs and Soda Springs, and realized I never thanked you for this charming post! My sincere apologies. I appreciate your kind words about Willow Springs and am so glad you enjoyed it! (Hiding my face in shame now.)


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