Saturday, October 26, 2013

State vs. Lassiter by Paul Levine

State vs LassiterJumping into a series isn’t always easy, but author Paul Levine crafted his latest Jake Lassiter novel, STATE VS. LASSITER, in such a fashion that it’s easy to follow for new or returning fans of this suspenseful series.

Jake Lassiter is a criminal attorney who tends to use the justice system to his advantage when defending a client in Dade County, FL. It seems Lassiter will have to put his talents to use helping his own defense attorney when he’s charged with murder.

When Lassiter is awaken on the beach by an officer, he thinks he’s facing a loitering charge. But things quickly go downhill when he discovers he’s a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend/banker, Pamela Baylins. The previous night Lassiter and Baylins were enjoying dinner out as part of an expensive weekend getaway when they got into a heated argument. Lassiter had received a call informing him his trust accounts had been tampered with. He confronted Baylins, who was overseeing those accounts, resulting in them arguing all the way back to their hotel room. 

Baylins is found dead in their hotel room, strangled with Lassiter’s missing belt. To further complicate things, Baylins apparently sent an email implying Lassiter was the one tampering with the trust accounts. As the evidence against him mounts, Lassiter has to use every tactic he and his lawyer know to get to the bottom of the murder. 

Levine quickly pulls you in as you try to piece together Lassiter’s movements and determine who the killer is and why. The characters are well-developed and realistic. There is the right amount of humor woven throughout to lighten the mood while still keeping you in suspense. 

STATE VS. LASSITER moves at a smooth, quick pace. It’s filled with action and suspense and just even twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. Lassiter is a protagonist you will quickly develop a fondness for with his mixture of witty personality and self-disapproval. As a standalone read, this is a good place to start the series. However, don’t be surprised to find yourself longing to know what earlier escapades Lassiter has gotten himself into and out of.

This is a fun, entertaining read that will be hard to put down.

Author Paul Levine’s website is
State vs. Lassiter by Paul Levine, A Jack Lassiter Novel, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, @2013, ISBN: 978-1492184874, Paperback, 284 Pages 

FTC Full Disclosure – A digital copy of this book was sent to me by a book promoter in hopes I would review it. However, receiving the complimentary copy did not influence my review.

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  1. Mason - I always respect an author who can draw me into a series no matter where in the series I start. That's not easy to do. Thanks for sharing this one.

  2. Many thanks, Mason for the very kind review! I hope you go back to the beginning ("To Speak for the Dead") and read them all. Paul Levine

  3. I love, love Paul Levine's books. I don't have this one yet, but it's on my list. I especially love his Solomon vs. Lord series, but Jake Lassiter is also a truly great character. I enjoy his writing so much!


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