Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Can You Name It?

Do you enjoy challenges that cause you to expand your imagination?

Years ago when I first went to work for a newspaper, it was a small town weekly. The same family had owned the paper for 100 years (and still do).

Being a small town paper, it had (and has) a close relationship with the community. Like any paper, they were always trying to increase whatcirculation. One fun promotion they had was to print a photo of an object, have readers submit their guesses, and the winner won a subscription to the paper.

The objects were always general items that people would see in their homes or around the county. It was hilarious some of the guesses that were sent in for the simplest items. It was fun to see how people looked at the same object, but say so many different things.

Did you notice the photo above? Can you name what it is? It’s a simple object, but may not be one that is found in all households these days.

Does the photo stir your imagination? Could you draft a short story just from the object? Could you use the image in a story you already have ongoing?

Sometimes when we’re stuck and can’t write, we just need to switch gears and let our imaginations flow. Looking at photos and seeing more than what’s there gives the imagination a chance to recharge.

Do you use objects to help charge your imagination? What helps you the most when you’re writing to keep your energy flowing?

Thanks for stopping by today. Please join me tomorrow when author Jodi Thomas visits to talk about the fifth installment in her Harmony series, CHANCE OF A LIFETIME.

For those wondering about the photo, at the end of tomorrow’s post I’ll show the entire object. Okay, can you name it?


  1. Mason - What a neat little challenge! And you're right that stretching your mind a bit can fire the creative juices. I think your 'photo is of a clothes-pin. I'll be really interested to find out what it really was; I hope you'll post the answer.

  2. I thought clothes pin too, although I don't use these for clothes any more, only to hold the bag of chips closed!
    I bet that was fun working for a local paper. I always enjoy jobs that give me a chance to interact with people from my community.

  3. Hi, Mason and Happy New Year to you.

    I also thought of a clothes pin, just because I used to hang out my clothes on a line.


  4. A clothes pin. Like Cozy in Texas, I use them to hold chip bags closed. Must be a Texas 'thang' :)


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