Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A New Beginning, Trial And Error

Today is the first day of 2013 and the first day of the rest of your life. Have you decided on a direction, a goal, a plan of action?

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My plan today is to be completely different with this post. I want to tell you about my latest journey into the wild, strange world of baking that continues to elude me. While I enjoy trying my and at baking, nothing ever turns out quite like it’s suppose to. And if the recipe comes with a photo showing the finished yummy dessert, I can 100 percent guarantee you mine will look nothing like the photo.

A little background first. For sometime I’ve been enjoying the writing and end results of a wonderful food blogger - Brown Eyed Baker. I’m in awe of her tantalizing dishes and you can almost smell the wonderful aromas displayed in her mouth-watering photographs.

In her recent year-end round up of 120 New Year’s Eve Recipes, she included a recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie And Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar. Now the chocolate lover in me couldn’t resist giving this a try. I thought this would be a great surprise dessert to share at our annual New Year’s Eve get-together (everyone there loves chocolate too).

Well let’s just say my brownie bars weren’t photographic material. They were, however, very tasty and the delectable  chocolate made it a dessert I can only eat small amounts of at a time. 

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 meaning my dessert was identical to the original photo, I scored about a 5. But on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 representing growth and learning, I scored a good 12, I tried a new recipe. I experimented with new techniques in baking and combining ingredients I wouldn’t have put together. Most of all, I had fun trying my hand at baking no matter the end results.

It’s the same way with writing. You can have all the right elements (ingredients) for a great story, but still be lacking something at the end. Maybe it’s because you’ve put one element ahead of another or separated two parts that should have been combined.

Either way the point is that the first time you try to write something (blog post, review, book), don’t expect it to be perfect. If it is, wonderful. If not, don’t let it get you down. Learn from it, improve on it, and give it another try. Keep trying until you get the finished results you want. In the end, all the elements will come together for a tantalizing finish that only you can create.

Do you give up on recipes after one try? Have you tried to write something and given up because it didn’t turn out like you wanted the first time?

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my baking adventure today. I’d love to know the results if anyone else tried this recipe. It is a yummy dessert.


  1. Mason - I know just what you mean about trying something new. It can be such a good growing experience even if what comes out of the oven isn't exactly what you'd planned. That's happened to me, too. One of these days you'll be proudly showing us lovely 'photos of your masterpieces :-).

  2. One comment that has stuck with me is from Jillian Michaels the trainer from The Biggest Loser. She says she makes working out a priority - she does it before anything else. We can put that same philosophy into anything. If you're trying something new, make it a priority and keeping working at it until it comes out how you want it. I'm taking a rest from writing for January and making eating healthy and working out a priority.
    Happy New Year.

  3. I don't think many things in life end up perfect the first time. Polishing and modifying recipes, stories, etc. is part of the process and I often enjoy it. If something does happen to be perfect in the first round, well, that's something to celebrate and savor! Have a Happy New Year!


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