Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Trouble In Texas Releases Today!

It’s my pleasure to welcome author Katie Lane here today to discuss Book #4 in her bestselling Deep in the Heart of Texas series, TROUBLE IN TEXAS, that hits bookstores today.

TROUBLE IN TEXAS is a fun and spirited read. Here’s a brief synopsis:


Inheriting the most notorious house of ill repute in Texas can spell trouble for a girl's reputation . . . especially when she's Elizabeth Murphy, Bramble's prim and proper librarian. Yet when she discovers a buck-naked cowboy handcuffed to a four-poster bed, she forgets all about the town gossips. Elizabeth has sworn off men, but the stranger's kisses melt her resolve faster than ice cream on a hot summer day.

Waking up in Miss Hattie's Henhouse isn't how Brant Cates reckoned on getting to the bottom of his great-granddaddy's murder. The plan was to solve the centuries-old crime, then get the heck out of Dodge. But after meeting Elizabeth and discovering that the buttoned-up beauty is a sexy siren in disguise, he just can't pull himself away. Now Brant needs Elizabeth to finally put his past to rest, but is she willing to risk her future on Bramble's newest bad boy? 
Katie joins us and has graciously answered some questions about her latest release and her writing.

Mason - The age-old question, what inspired this book?  

Trouble in Texas coverKatie - The musical The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. One morning, I woke up with the title song in my head and I couldn’t get it out. I got to wondering what would’ve happened if the Chicken Ranch hadn’t closed down. The next thing I knew, I had a story.  
Mason - What made it so compelling that you had to tell it?  

Katie - I just found the entire premise of a dilapidated mansion that had once been a house of ill repute fascinating. Or maybe it’s just fascinating to a romance writer. Ha!

Mason - How did you go about doing research for this book?  

Katie - Well, I went to this place in Vegas . . . just kidding! I did research on the Internet and read books about bordellos and madams of the old west. It was great fun!
Mason - With the book’s release, as you look back what was the biggest surprise that occurred while writing this story?  

Katie - That I ended up loving Minnie, the madam and head hen, so much. She’s a cantankerous old woman who chain-smokes and carries a gun. Who knew that beneath the bad wig and negligee was a savior.

Mason - What would you like readers to know about your writing that you’ve never been asked before?  

Katie - Only that I feel truly blessed to get to do what I do and I work hard to give readers the best story that I possibly can. 

Mason - What can readers look forward to next from you?  

Katie - FLIRTING WITH TEXAS comes out July 2013. The story is about Beau, Brant’s little brother, and Jenna Jay, a character from my first book, GOING COWBOY CRAZY. I had great fun putting these two together.

Katie, thanks for joining us and giving us a look at how this Hun for the Holidaysbook came about. Now I have that title song in my head. Smile For more on Katie and her writing, visit her website.

In addition to TROUBLE IN TEXAS, Katie also has HUNK FOR HOLIDAYS out in time for the season’s enjoyment. Here’s a brief synopsis of it: 

Always putting business before pleasure, Cassie McPherson works hard for her family's construction business. That might explain why she doesn't have a date for the company Christmas party. But it doesn't quite explain why she's crazy enough to hire an escort for the event or - crazier still - why she's dying to unwrap him like a present . . .

Thanks everyone for stopping by today. Do you enjoy reading books where the main character may seem one way on the surface, but is more sensitive and caring when their true nature is revealed?


  1. Katie, thanks again for joining us. You have definitely given a fun twist to the house of ill repute theme. Wishing you much success.

  2. Sounds like a fun read! I do enjoy those kinds of stories - off to check it out!! :)

  3. I think the cover says it all!!!!

  4. Mason - Thanks for hosting Katie.

    Katie - I like the way you blend romance, mystery and the setting. And I thought The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas was a great show. No wonder it inspired you. I wish you much success.

  5. Hi all! Thank you, Mason, for the fun interview!

    Hope you like it, Jemi! Thanks for stopping by.

    And Cozy in Texas (title of my next book. Ha!) I like the cover too. I really think they should let me go to the cover shoots. I could help with wardrobe--or lack of:o)

    Thank you, Margot. I love all musicals, but The Best Little Whorehouse is one of my favs.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!


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