Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Devil To Pay by Maria Zannini

Ever have one of those days when everything goes wrong and you’d give anything toDevil to pay, blog art change it?

You might want to learn from Shannon McKee’s despair that sometimes getting what you wish for isn’t always a good things, or is it?

Shannon’s life is a mess. She’s deep in debt and in a drunken plea declares she’d sell her soul to get out from under her troubles. The next morning just as Shannon attempts the unthinkable, a handsome stranger walks into her antique shop. The stranger, Liam Chase, gives Shannon a jeweled scarab he wants her to identify.

Briefly forgetting her troubles, Shannon begins to study the artifact. Soon a second charming stranger enters her shop. Introducing himself as Michael, he offers to help Shannon with her research.

Shannon finds herself mysteriously drawn to both strangers. Little does she know, both men have been sent from different sources for her in answer to her plea.

As the story unfolds, Shannon realizes what her plea will cost her in the end.

Author Maria Zannini has created characters that you will adore and has intertwined them into a fantasy world that will make you believe. The story is a mixture of suspense, humor, fantasy, and romance with a healthy dose of faith and hope. There are several explicit sexual interludes. However, these hot and steamy scenes are tastefully written and add another layer to this intriguing plot.

Is Shannon’s plea her damnation or salvation, will she cause Liam and Michael to lose what they hold most dear or help them find a love they never imaged, and is Evie a foe or a much-needed friend? The answers will surprise you.

THE DEVIL TO PAY is the first installment in the Second Chances series. Once you meet these eclectic characters, you’ll be hooked for more. It's a fast, sexy read that will captivate your attention from beginning to end.

Author Maria Zannini blogs at

The Devil To Pay by Maria Zannini, Second Chances Series, Bad Dog Press, @2011, Kindle Edition, 151 KB

FTC Full Disclosure - I received a copy of this novella from the author through an editing project. The author did not request or suggest a review. I did the review because I found the book to be enjoyable and entertaining.


  1. Mason - Thanks for this review. What an interesting concept for a story! It sounds as though the story has well-drawn characters and solid suspense. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Always be careful what you wish for!

  3. I love your reviews!

    The book sounds like mystery and maybe some romance?? A good summer read.

  4. Hey, I know Maria! The two of us used to talk about growing vegetables :)

  5. It sounds interesting. I love the plots that set up what seems like an impossible to escape situation. You have to keep reading to see how the protagonist survives or triumphs.

  6. Sounds very intriguing. Going to check it out.

  7. Maria Zannini, take me to the beach -- okay maybe just to the pool.
    Either way I can't wait to read this series.

  8. It never fails that the day I end up being out of pocket is the day I get a nice review.

    Thank you, Mason.

    Dez: I still read you on my reader, sweetie. I just haven't gotten out much. Apparently, writers are expected to write. :)

    Thank you all for your comments. I'm excited about this series. It's unlike anything I've seen on the market so that makes me especially giddy.


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