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Author S.L. Pierce Writing What’s On Her Mind

Secrets-book-tour-banner-SLJoin me in welcoming author S.L. Pierce as the special guest blogger here today as she makes a stop on her virtual book tour.

S.L.’s latest release is SECRETS, a mystery/thriller. Here’s a brief synopsis: Secrets…we all have them.
A woman with a hidden past…
Two men who weren’t supposed to be seen together…
A cop who won’t let go…
Industrial espionage….
SECRETS is a fast paced thriller that will keep you guessing to the very end. Gwen Michaels moved to California two years ago to start fresh, hoping her past could stay secret forever. But when a hired killer shows up, she assumes her cover is blown. When it turns out the man knows nothing of her past, the search is on for who wants her dead, and why.

Secrets cover-GRS.L. joins us today to talk about writing on short notice and what’s on her mind.

With short notice to write a guest blog (which shouldn't be a problem, right? I am a writer) I can only write about the one thing on my mind right now. The stupid, trivial, all consuming thing I can't get over? Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher?!

For those of you not familiar, Jack Reacher is the character created by Lee Childs and star of fifteen books, 40 million copies sold, so far. Jack Reacher is 6'5” 230 pounds, blond and blue eyed. Need I say more about why Tom Cruise doesn't work?

Well, I will. I'm sure there are lots of characters out there portrayed in movies by actors who didn't exactly fit the look of the book character. But in this case, Reacher’s size is not a trivial part of his character. It is his character. It's what makes him, him. Since he was a kid it has been his ability to fight that made him what he is, shaped his beliefs and actions. Yes, he is also a smart guy, solving mysteries but still...

So, as a writer, I had to consider, would I sell my soul (yes I am going that far) to have my book made into a movie. Lee has been quoted as saying he thinks Tom Cruise can play Reacher. Seriously? I have to believe, deep down, that I wouldn't let Hollywood destroy my character. Before I let Hollywood have Gwen Michaels (the main character in SECRETS), I would have to have final say. Because, not for any amount of money, would I let them turn her into some Hollywood version of a strong woman. Which, from what I have seen, means she would still need to be rescued by a man in the end. And need to be in a bikini or bra and underwear at some point.

No, No, Never. Not for any amount! Otherwise, what was the point of writing her in the first place? And, if SECRETS is ever a bestseller, optioned for a movie, you can hold me to it.

S.L., thanks for guest blogging today. I totally agree with you about Cruise being able to play Reacher. He in no way resembles the image I have of Reacher.
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Now for a bit of background on S.L. She spent ten years earning a PhD in engineering before deciding she would rather be a writer. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband and four children. She is always at work on her next novel. Her other work includes THE HATE (2011) and THE WARNING (April, 2011) – which is available FREE! For more on S.L. and her writing, drop by website or her blog.

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What are your thoughts on Cruise playing Reacher? If you’re a writer, how would you feel about the movie industry changing your main character when your book becomes a movie?


  1. Mason - Thanks for hosting S.I..

    S.I. - I think you've hit on something essential to writing on short notice - tapping one's strong feelings. As for Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher? No, not my thing, either, actually.

    And in a larger sense, you've got a very good point; I think most authors have a point beyond which they won't go, even for a lot of money. For all of us that point is different, and thanks for making me think about that.

  2. Oh boy, I'm really out of the loop with this one ... I have no idea who Jack Reacher even is!!

  3. I don't know who Jack Reacher is but it does sound like Tom Cruise isn't the right guy for the part.

    Great Post! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I dunno. Maybe he can bring the attitude. Morgan Freeman didn't fit my image of Alex Cross, but he did a wonder job.

  5. My husband is the Lee Child reader in this family and he has been adament that there is no, no, no way that Cruise can play Reacher. No way, no how. He choked on his cereal the morning I told him about it and I had to go pound him on the back.

    Almost makes me want to pick up a Reacher book and read it in order to have an opinion. Hubby also didn't think that Mark Wahlberg was a good choice for Stephen Hunter's character, Bob Lee Swagger - too young, too, too, too. :-)

    But, I bet they are paying Lee Child a lot of money. Don't you think?

  6. Great take on a guest post :)

    I wish I were just as idealistic, but right now I think I´d jump at any offer if anyone whispered the word movie in connection with one of my manuscripts. But then it is always easier to say you are not responsible for the outcome as everybody knows Hollywood do whatever they want to the original book ;D

  7. Hi All, S.L. Pierce here. Thanks for all the comments. I do really recommend the first book, The Killing Floor! So Good. And one other comment about Morgan Freeman - I agree I didn't see him as Alex and he did a good job, but at least they didn't cast a young white guy - which is the equivalent to me:)
    Again, thanks for all the comments!

  8. From what I've read, no one is happy about Cruise landing the role!

  9. I didn't know who Jack Reacher was until I read an article on my home page about how Tom Cruise had the part in the movie. From the description, he definitely doesn't fit the character.


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