Friday, February 4, 2011

Author Marie Force Visits

It’s my pleasure to welcome author Marie Force  back to Thoughts in Progress as the special guest blogger.

Marie is on a virtual book tour with her latest release, EVERYONE LOVES A HERO

Thanks to Marie and Danielle at Sourcebooks, I have copies of EVERYONE LOVES A HERO to giveaway to 2 lucky visitors commenting on this post. The giveaway is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. The deadline to comment is 8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 7. Be sure to include your e-mail address in your comment if it’s not included in your profile.

Marie stopped by today to talk about ‘keeping it all straight’ since her latest book is a different genre that her previous book, FATAL JUSTICE.

Mason asked me to talk about genre hopping and how I manage writing multiple books at the same time. Until recently, I’ve never tried to write more than one book at a time. But since the Fatal Series has taken off, I now find myself facing the reality of writing two or three Fatal books a year.
While I love that series and adore writing about Sam and Nick, I don’t want to abandon my straight contemporaries. So lately I find myself working on two books at the same time.

What I work on at any given time depends on what’s “speaking” to me at the moment. Sometimes the ideas are flowing freely for the novella I’m doing for Sam and Nick’s wedding (FATAL DESTINY, out as a freebie in September). Other times, I’m caught up in the other story I’m working on about a woman who lost her family in an accident and reconnects with her first love more than a year later. I’m really enjoying that story.

Of course the reality is that I have an actual deadline of Feb. 28
for FATAL DESTINY, so that one is the priority. But having the other book going in the background gives me something different to focus on when the words aren’t flowing on the novella. Switching back and forth doesn’t give me any kind of whiplash, probably because the stories are so different.

What has given me whiplash recently is having two books released within a month of each other while the novella was on deadline. The blog touring and the promotion demands make for an interesting challenge when they’re spread out over a year. Releasing two books in a month: whiplash!

Here’s some info about my February release, EVERYONE LOVES A HERO:
Hero pilot Cole Langston is learning to live with—and enjoy—his newfound fame and the rabid female attention that comes with it until a lucky punch knocks some sense into him and opens his eyes to true love.

When his copilot suffers a heart attack in flight, Cole lands the jetliner in a blizzard and revives the stricken captain. Catapulted to national hero status, Cole has more women vying for his attention than he knows what to do with. They all have one thing in common: they try without success to bring this happy-go-lucky pilot down to earth. Then comes an airport altercation, a punch to the face, and the lovely Olivia—a shy, timid artist who does what no other woman has ever managed to do: steal Cole’s well-protected heart. With women coming on to him everywhere they go, Olivia struggles to believe that Cole is ready for a committed relationship. His biggest problem is getting rid of all his extra ladies before the only one he wants figures out that she’s one of many.

Are you a multi-tasker or can you only focus on one thing at a time? Thanks so much for having me, and I look forward to chatting today.

Marie, thanks so much for guest blogging here today. I’m not organized so I can’t image writing two books at the same time besides having to promote books already published. WOW.

Now a little background on Marie. She is the author of FATAL AFFAIR (June 2010) and FATAL JUSTICE (Jan. 2011), Books 1 and 2 in her new Fatal Series from Harlequin’s Carina Press. Book 3, FATAL CONSEQUENCES, is coming in July 2011, FATAL DESTINY, the Fatal Wedding Novella, in September 2011 and Book 4, FATAL FLAW, in February 2012. “This novel is ‘The O.C. does D.C.,’ and you just can’t get enough.” (RT Book Reviews, 4.5 stars for FATAL AFFAIR).

In its July 2010 issue, RT Book Reviews named Marie a “Future Star of Romantic Suspense.” Carina recently acquired Marie’s contemporary, GEORGIA ON MY MIND.

In addition, Marie is the author EVERYONE LOVES A HERO (Feb. 2011), LINE OF SCRIMMAGE (Sept. 2008) and LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT (July 2009). Of LINE OF SCRIMMAGE, Booklist said, “With its humor and endearing characters, Force’s charming novel will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, reaching far beyond sports fans.” Wild on Books said, “LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT by Marie Force is most definitely a keeper. It is an astounding book. I loved every single word!” Marie is also the author of TRUE NORTH and THE FALL, available as e-books via and Smashwords.

Since 1996, Marie has been the communications director for a national organization similar to RWA. She is a member of RWA’s New England, From the Heart and Published Author Special Interest Chapters. While her husband was in the Navy, Marie lived in Spain, Maryland and Florida, and she is now settled in her home state of Rhode Island. She is the mother of Emily, 15, Jake, 12, and a feisty dog named Brandy.

You can find her at, on her blog at, where she runs the popular weekly Romance & Oreos Book Club, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at Marie loves to hear from readers. Contact her at

What are your thoughts on writing more than one book at a time? Can you go back and forth from one writing to the other without problems?


  1. Sounds like a great book! I'm sure the hero would be too busy with news interviews and a book deal to worry about all of those women though!

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  2. Marie, thanks again for guest blogging. I can see how going back and forth between your writing could be helpful in keeping the creative energy flowing. Wishing you much success.

    Meredith, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Interesting how the writing isn't giving you the whiplash, but the releases are. :D

    Congrats on the release(s)!


  4. I've written two books at once, but they were in totally different genres - YA fiction and non-fiction self-help. Two fiction stories at once might confuse me though!

  5. I'll work on two projects at once, but not when they're both in the initial creating stage. A manuscript might be under revision, when I'll write a nonfiction proposal, and go back and forth between the two. But they're always very different in scope.

  6. now who wouldn't love that hero from that book cover? :)

  7. Not sure how to do this, but I received Linn's comments via e-mail and this is the only way I knew how to post them. So here's Linn's comments:

    I think an experienced writer can probably handle multiple projects much easier than a newbie like myself. Also depends on how you work I would think, I don't plan a story so keep a 'chapter synopsis' as I write, so that I can keep a track of what is happening, things I need to link or develop etc. Having a project like the Fatal series must be a dream come true and only happens to writers who have a special gift! What I'm really wondering is how do you find the time to juggle everything?

    Kind regards and I am enjoying your posts.


  8. Hi everyone!
    Nice to be here today. Thanks for your thoughts on multi-tasking. Believe me, I know I'm a weirdo for saying writing two books at the same time is no problem but PROMOTING two books at the same time is crazy! :-)

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one juggling multiple projects.

    Look forward to chatting today!

  9. It does sound like a great book. I liked how Marie likened all her busy-ness to whiplash. I can't imagine how hard it is to be that busy!

  10. I can work on two things as long as they're different and in different stages. Kudos to you.

  11. I have a huge amount of respect for writers - and someone who can write more than one book at a time is totally amazing to me! I'm one of those who can't even read more than one book at a time (and I read a lot!).

    Thanks Marie and Mason for a terrific post.

  12. I cannot imagine trying to write more than one novel at a time. I think I'd feel schizophrenic. I admire Marie so much for being able to do so. I am having enough trouble trying to hear one voice at a time.

  13. Holdenj: all the whiplash is one of those "be careful what you wish for" situations. I am thrilled to be living the dream as a writer with actual readers (LOL) and the whiplash is entirely worth it to have connected with such lovely people through my books.

  14. Enjoyed getting to know a little about you, Marie, and I do admire someone who can write more than one book at a time. I can work on fiction and non-fiction projects at the same time, but I need to be immersed in whatever fiction project I have going, so I can only focus on one story at a time.

  15. Great post.I'm a pretty good multi-tasker. I can have multiple things going on at a time and not get stressed about doing it.
    Everyone loves a Hero sounds really good.Putting it on my TBR list.

  16. I can't imagine writing more than one book at a time!

  17. I can go back and forth and I do a lot of multi-tasking, but I do tend to try to do too much. Sounds like Marie is controlling things well. Maybe she should write a book about that.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  18. Thanks for all the great comments today! Sorry to not be able to hang out more. The day job was crazy busy this week! Appreciate all the excitement about Everyone Loves a Hero and your thoughts on multi-tasking.

  19. Sounds like an interesting book.

    I have trouble reading more than one book at a time, so trying to work on writing more than one at a time has been a challenge for me. I say kudos to anyone who can do it!

  20. This book looks super hot and I'm going to try to buy it this weekend! I'm not a very good multitasker! I get sidetract and my work suffers! Thanks for a wonderful interview!


  21. Whiplash would be right! I haven't been able to work on 2 projects at once yet - maybe one day! :)

  22. I can read more than one book at a time but I can't imagine writing more than one book at a time.
    Everyone loves a Hero sounds like a great book!
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  23. I'm sure there are special challenges for authors working on more than one project at a time. It does seem to be what many romantic authors do nowadays. It's especially interesting that so many are working in multiple genres. Marie's work sounds great and several of her books are on my TBR list. (Email in profile.)

  24. Can't wait to read this one!

  25. I can multi-task but sometimes it will depend on how demanding the tasks are.

  26. I multitask quite a bit at work, but I do find that I need to stop and collect my thoughts whenever I move from one project to another. I much prefer to just keep working on one thing either until it's done, or until I'm so sick of it that I just have to put it done.

    Best wishes on the release.

    jen at delux dot com

  27. I can't imagine writing two books and trying to keep all the characters straight! I can't even keep track of my kids (and don't get me started on how often I yell the wrong name)!

    Love the cover of Everyone Loves a Hero - smokin' hot!


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