Sunday, January 30, 2011

Plans Change

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Do you ever start out to do one thing, but end up doing something else completely different?

I find myself doing that a lot lately. I’m not sure why. I guess I could blame it on age or just being blonde. For the most part, it’s probably because I usually have too many things going on at once. I don’t seem to finish one thing before I start another.

Case in point, I have two really good books I’m reading at the moment. I had thought I’d have one finished in time to do a review today, but that’s where the other things come into play.

It’s winter time and I can’t help but pull out yarn and needles. I mentioned earlier that I was finishing up crocheting a baby blanket. Well, I put the finishing touches on it yesterday. Now all I have to do is have it cleaned and blocked and it will be ready to wrap. (I’ll try to get a photo of it first.) So that cut into my reading time yesterday. But before I finished the blanket I got sidetracked earlier in the week by starting a scarf. I don’t know why I started the scarf. I don’t need another one, I didn’t have anyone in particular I was making it for. I just saw the yarn, liked the texture and color, bought it and decided to crochet a scarf. More time away from reading.

In my defense I will say winter is when I’ve always done all of my crocheting, knitting and cross stitch work. Last year when I first started blogging, I still had plenty of time to devote to it as I wasn’t following that many blogs and wasn’t reading that many books for review. A year later, things are different. I follow a lot more blogs and my TBR stack has tripled (if not more) so there is little time for crocheting. But still, the urge is there and I have to ‘scratch that itch’ so to speak thus my reading pays the price.

I’ve said all this to say I don’t have a book review to share with you today, but I do have a review of a different sort. BTW, in case you didn’t see yesterday’s post be sure to check it out for a discount to a major online store. No strings attached.

Now anytime I have the opportunity to review a product that I think my cats (Little One and Gum Drop) will enjoy, I go for it. Alexandra and the good folks at recently gave me the opportunity to review some items.

I selected an ‘ethical pet motion-activated cat ball’ and an 'Armarkat 61-inch ultra thick faux fleece cat tree in sky blue.'

First let me tell you about the motion-activated ball. It’s small and
Motion-Activated Ball
reminds me of a tiny disco ball. It has an on/off button you press and it flashes a rainbow of colors. Since Little One is more prone to playing with balls than Gum Drop, I gave it to her first with the light off. She began batting it around and was having a lot of fun. After I retrieved it from under the sofa the second time, I decided to turn the light on. She didn’t know what to make of it at first, but then it was time to play again. The ball really is motion-activated, the cats love it and it’s fun to watch.

Next the cat tree that is almost taller than I am. The tree came unassembled. Normally not one to read instructions, I decided it might be best if I did this time. Each piece was clearly marked. All
the bolts and even the wrench came in a cute little, cloth draw-string bag. I placed all the pieces on the floor and compared them to the instructions. Within a matter of minutes I had the tree completely assembled without any problems. The only thing I didn’t do was it came with a round tube (shown here above the white cat) that I decided not to attach. Since both of my cats are senior cats, I didn’t really think this small tube was something they would enjoy. Kittens on the other hand would probably love it.

As with anything new, Little One had fun playing in the box while I assembled the tree. Both cats are taking their time getting use to the new tree, but I think before long they will love it as much as they do their 3-foot one. Both items arrived within four days of ordering and were in great condition when delivered.

So this was another diversion from my reading. Like I said earlier, I tend to get sidetracked. Do you get mislead by the best of intensions? Do you have to keep a list of what needs to be done and when, just to keep you on track?

Today should be a nice, quiet day for me to get some reading done. But, it is almost the first of the month and I need to get a new slideshow ready for February authors. Oh, and I did have enough yarn left over that I could crochet a small toboggan (Southern for cap) for the baby to match his blanket. It wouldn’t take that long and then I could get back to my reading…………………… 


  1. Enjoy your knitting and reading... Sounds blissful.

  2. Not only is the road to you know where paved with good intentions, I'm beginning to think that there are giant potholes starting to form in the cracked pavement too.

  3. Mason - I love it that you crochet; I used to do that, too. I haven't in a long, long time, but I used to. I'll be eager to see a picture of the blanket if you get the chance to take one. And I've often found that those detours in life take you to much more interesting places than the road you planned would...

  4. Love the detours and I bet you find yourself relaxing more when you take that road.

  5. I agree with Dru. Go on the detours and don't worry about the "planned" road. As you said, winter is when you do more of the handwork and there is likely a reason for that. Do what feels right at that moment. The books will wait. :-)

  6. Do you ever start out to do one thing, but end up doing something else completely different?

    Only all the time. And I´m not blonde so it must be age. This weekend I was determined to do something about my WIP, and Friday I did, but yesterday my imagination wanted to play so I began preparing a collection of old and new flash fiction stories I want to publish via Smashwords.

    A good idea? Who knows, but it´s fun. And if I can only sell fifteen one-dollar ebooks, it will be one of my better deals.

  7. a baby blanket? Is someone pregnant? :)

  8. Those are some ADORABLE cat products!

    I put a cat scratcher together once with screws/bolts, gotta admit I wasn't thrilled that it didn't arrive assembled. That cat tree certainly looks worth the effort though!

    I love the cat ball too!
    You should see my blog calendar (that I try to adhere to but often don't)...things scratched through because I didn't have time....or were rescheduled because I had a better idea.

    What color is the scarf? I may be able to buy it and take it off of your hands! lol

  9. I think we all get sidetracked, but sometimes it's a good thing.

  10. You and I ARE sisters. I think the grass is greener in the next project way to often. I end up with unfinished projects. I understand.

    The cat tree looks like fun.


  11. Hm, I've wondered if my cat would like a cat tree like that one, but I don't know. She basically sleeps in her little circle bed all day, but she does like to perch on high places, too. I might try a small one first to see if she's interested.

  12. I'm on the knitting jag myself. Usually I confine it to the few hours we spend watching a movie on the tube but sometimes I just watch something because I WANT to knit. ah well. it goes away in the summer and I don't even think of it. I have a zillion hats. Ron asked me what I was knitting another hat for and I told him, "I'm not on crack right? It isn't for the hats - it is for my sanity." Yep.

  13. Am distracted all the time. There are too many directions available to go, besides N,S, E, and W!

  14. Easy to get sidetracked if you love crafts!!! I'll send link to my daughter Amy who loves cat toys!


  15. You guys and gals are the best. Thanks for all the wonderful comments.

    Jeffrey, I've seen a few of those potholes myself. :)

    Margot, I think you should give crocheting a try again.

    Dez, my cousin is having a baby in late March.

    Caren, the scarf is charcoal.

    Teresa, we are definitely sisters.

    Joanne, my cats first cat tree was a 36-inch one. It took a little time, but now they love it so I decided to try something a little bigger for them.

    Jan, I think you nailed it. I do it for my sanity too. LOL

    Monti, tell Amy they have all types of cat toys there.

    Again, thanks everyone. Y'all are the best!!

  16. Sounds like you're being wonderfully creative instead! No worries :) Enjoy the time!

  17. Our plans just suddenly changed too--someone called and invited us over to diner tonight. I'm not complaining though!

    Some changes are good and some less good.

    Those cat toys look great--I wish--really--that I had a cat!!!

    As long as it didn't eat my bird.

  18. I wish I'd persisted with the crochet years ago...I have a drawer full of my Mother's beautiful crochet. Winter is perfect for those crafty large cross-stitch project is lying idle, awaiting winter and I have a cardigan half-knitted!

  19. It sounds like you've been doing some great projects, even if they are sidetracks. I wish I could crochet--I know how to knit/weave/embroider, but not that.

  20. Being sidetracked is often a good thing. It seems you're being taken down some creative detours. I love all those projects - I used to crochet, knit, sew, but now I only bake when I get sidetracked.

    Hope lots of people took you up on your Overstock post.

    Two bloggers and myself have just collaborated to begin a dedicated book review blog. You might be interested in guest reviewing at times. Sorry if you're already following! I'm reviewing CassaStar tomorrow.

    Reading at Dawn

  21. So...I think you have an excellent hobby. I saw on the news last week a charity that knits or crochets hats for cancer patients. I didn't wright the name down, but I be if you're interested you could find them online.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  22. I need to look for that pet toy! Disco for kitties...

  23. Hi Mason .. love your diversionary tactics .. kitties grow up too quickly .. so enjoy their playing - lucky creatures by the sound of it .. all the toys of the fair!

    Enjoy life - cheers Hilary


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