Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Happy Planner … Happy Me

Let me begin by asking you to bear with me today as this post doesn’t deal directly with book. Instead, I want to tell you a story and how a company came through with flying colors.

My Happy Planner
I am always searching for a planner to help me be more organized. I usually wind up with three or more planners/calendars because I can’t seem to help myself. Besides, that way I have one for home life, one for blogging and books, one for book tours and you get the picture.

I have a bound A5 planner that I like because it has a pocket to store items in, a loop for my pen, and a magnetic flap to keep it closed. What I don’t like is if you put too many pages in it at one time, the back pages get curled under the ring closure.

For this reason, I started looking at Happy Planners by the Me and My Big Ideas. With the disc binding, the planners can lie flat to write on and the pages don’t curl – no matter how many pages you add. Well my search went on for several months with me looking at various Happy Planner designs in several stores and online. I finally decided it was time to get one or quit looking, so I got one.

I can’t even remember what store I got the planner at, but I finally got a 9-disc Happy Planner. But then I didn’t use it right away. Finally, I decided last month to start using it. It is one that doesn’t run January to December, but August to July so I had only wasted a few months.

I started using the planner because I wanted to mark down some upcoming book tours that authors had booked. Well, I discovered there was no February or March section in the planner. I looked online and in stores but couldn’t find the months I was missing. I could get a pack that had six months with no dates, but honestly, I don’t like calendars where I have to put the dates in (crazy, I know).

After thinking about changing planners again, I decided to send an email to the Happy Planner company, explain the problem and see what happened. At this point I had nothing to lose except a little time corresponding.

I got a form reply to my email in less than an hour or so and I really thought that was it. But to my surprise I received an email by the next morning from a customer specialist named Iris Kim. The email was courtesy and asked for additional information about my problem, along with requesting photos of what my planner looks like. The delightful specialist explained they would try to find the planner I had or something similar. I responded I was happy with similar, just needed those two months.

New pages for my planner
Their response was the next day saying my package style wasn’t available, but they were sending something they hoped would work for me. I received the two months I was missing within a few days. I actually love the style they send more than what I have. Wish I had found that planner to begin with.

I shared this long drawn out story with you to say I was surprised, pleased and delighted with my recent experience with the folks at Me and My Big Ideas that make the Happy Planners. They answered my email in a prompt manner, assisted me with my problem, and found a solution that works great.

I’m enjoying the ease and convenience of my Happy Planner and am seriously thinking about getting another one just to use for my MC Book Tours business. This has been one of the very best experiences I’ve ever had when dealing with a company where there was a problem. I’m truly happy with their product and their customer service.

Thanks for stopping by today and for reading through until the end. What has been your experience when dealing with a company where you had an issue – good or bad? Do you use a Happy Planner? How do you stay organized? 

New planner sections I received


  1. How lovely to have a positive experience. Too often the opposite is true.
    On the plus side? This afternoon my partner received some wine he had ordered. He has been buying wine from this company every couple of months this year. With his wine was a bonus. 6 bottle of sparkling wine from a well known company - as a Christmas gift.

    1. Wow, E.C. What an awesome gift and a special company. It's so nice to have those good experiences with companies when there are so many times it goes the other way.

  2. That's really awesome they actually went the distance to make you happy and sent the missing months.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you had a good experience, Mason. So often, companies forget how much a little customer service can mean. It's a great-looking planner, too!

    1. Margot, I think a lot of company have forgotten what customer service even is. The cover made me smile so I couldn't resist it. LOL

  4. That is a nice planner. I love when someone I do business has excellent customer service. Looks good.

  5. I would love a pretty planner like that. Especially since the company takes such good care of its customers.


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