Thursday, January 25, 2018

How’s It Going?

How is your week going? Can you believe it’s already Thursday or has your week been the kind that makes you question that it’s only Thursday?

With the crazy cold weather we’ve been having and all the sickness everyone is experiencing, I thought I’d share a light-hearted post today and a puzzle. It’s been sometime since I posted a puzzle so here you go.

Thanks for stopping by. Has it been a crazy week for you? How was your timing on the puzzle?

Click to Mix and


  1. One minute! Although I have trouble getting the pieces to move.
    I can't believe it's almost the end of January already. Christmas was a month ago? Seems like last week.

  2. It has been a busy time, hasn't it, Mason? Thanks for the fun puzzle! It's nice to take a break now and again...

  3. I've been so busy since the start of the new year that the days have blurred by.

  4. Well, it took me 1:37, not the fastest for sure. But I love puzzles! What a great idea! This was a hectic week for me. A hectic month, actually. I'm working on a revived MG novel and taking a writing class that focuses on our writing our WIP. I'm also teaching an after school art class at a community center one day a week, so the days seem to fly by! I like that, though.

  5. Hi Mason - I came by for a quick visit ... puzzle bypassed: sorry! ... but loved the thought of roses over the door. Still adjusting to Canada ... life will sort itself out - cheers Hilary

  6. I has been a crazy week and a crazy-fast month.


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