Friday, July 7, 2017

Sorry For The Images

I'm sorry for the 3rd party images that apparently WILL NOT GO AWAY

Since my images are being held hostage by Photobucket, I asked them to delete my account. That was supposed to be done on July 4, but at this writing Thursday evening, July 6th, it hadn't been done yet. 

So I've been slowly deleting the files I had stored there. But that process will take awhile since I've been using Photobucket since 2010. I used it to host the books I featured each month by authors who visited. The crazy thing is, I deleted those images off the blog each month. But something is still connected to Photobucket.

I've even turned all my folders into private from public hopefully that would help. Nothing seems to. I don't have a clue how to get rid of these awful 3rd party images other than agree to pay $59.99 a month to Photobucket. I think I'd rather not.

I plan to be back blogging next week as I have numerous posts scheduled. I hope by then I've found a way to clear this mess up. Thank you for your patience with this issue.


  1. You have no need to apologise. None.
    Photobucket is holding you to ransom, and any blame is firmly on their head.
    Good luck.

  2. Hi Sharon - there's a lot of posts about Photobucket, thankfully I've never used them ... good luck - cheers Hilary

    I have no idea if this site will offer some advice and help - but I get his posts:

    1. Hilary, the site did have some interesting information. I didn't realize it, but it's my template that is causing the problem. I'm using one I found when I first started blogging. Apparently the creator of the template used Photobucket. So it looks like I'll have to find a new template.

      Thanks everyone for your support. This may take a bit longer than I first thought. I'll try to find a new design as quickly as possible. Thanks again for your support.

    2. I wonder how many blogs using that designers templates have been affected. :(

  3. You can't close the account yourself and they haven't responded? Turn them in and maybe save someone else the aggravation. Just keep deleting and complaining to them until it gets resolved.

  4. So sorry this is happening to you, Mason! We'll be here when you get it all worked out!

  5. If it's the template, at least you know how to fix it. Blogger does have a lot of them to choose from.

  6. I am so sorry this is happening to you. You definitely sound to be at the end of your rope. Hopefully you find a salution.

  7. Omigosh. How horrible! Wishing you a ton of good luck on getting this resolved.


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