Thursday, October 27, 2016

Don’t Buy My Book! Blog Tour!

I’m excited to be a part of author Roland Yeomans’ Don’t Buy My Book! Blog Tour!

Roland has a unique way with words. Here, I’ll let him explain.

Oh, No!  You’ve stumbled upon my DON’T BUY MY BOOK! Blog Tour!

That’s right.  Don’t buy my book!  Hey, you never heard of Reverse Psychology?

How many things have you bought from those pesky tele-solicitors?  Zero, right?  Me, too.

So let some folks you might know tell you about my book:

          “I have never been particularly fond of fantasy, or science fiction, or vampires. But this blend of all three kept me riveted and often laughing. Not many creative artists can do humor well, but Roland’s talent with this is awesome.
          Thank you, Roland Yeomans, for introducing me to a rollicking other-dimension world imagined as only you know how. A tale containing so many human truths I don’t have the space here to enumerate them.
But they are underlined in my copy of the book. So many quotable aphorisms that contain a general truth, from the mouths of a cast of colorful characters.”
 – Ann Best

          “Roland Yeomans is funny, charismatic and fun to read...I really like that. I still have yet to read a steampunk novel because most times they don't fit in with the paranormal genre that I read most these days. But...a steampunk with vampires and dragons? Did I read that right? Great idea.”
– Mary Kirkland

          “Roland’s book sounds fascinating! I cannot wait to read it :) ”
- Lori Carlson

          “This book felt like a dream as I was reading.
          Sometimes the dream was beautiful, other times, terrifying. There is a wild, dark, humorous, and mysterious menagerie of characters, both historical and fictional.
          Edison, Margaret Fuller, Lincoln, Emerson, Jefferson, Franklin, Ada Byron Lovelace, Twain, Tesla, Sherman (Tecumseh), Nemo, to name a few, plus of host of other-worldly good and evil-doers.
And let’s not forget the hero and heroine, the Texas Ranger Samuel McCord and his other-dimension wife Meilori.
          It felt vaguely like a Talbot Mundy novel, who described exotic places so well, while Samuel McCord was reminiscent of Mundy's hero, Jim Grim. McCord, like Grim, deliberately walks into all kinds of danger with self-assuredness, humor, and determination.
          For the dream-like quality of the story, I was reminded of H. P. Lovecraft. And that should be enough to pique the interest of anyone who reads or has read Mundy and Lovecraft. Yeomans is an equal, a peer in realm of macabre adventure.”
 – Bish Denham

Wow. Thanks, Bish, Ann, Lori, and Mary.  Am I that good?  The ghost of Mark Twain just swatted me with his white bowler hat as I was about to type.  A subtle (for him!) hint for me to keep my mouth on the matter.

About me?
Author Roland Yeomans

Roland Yeomans was born in Detroit, Michigan.  But his last memories of that city are hub-caps and kneecaps since, at the age of seven, he followed the free food when his parents moved to Lafayette, Louisiana.  The hitch-hiking after their speeding car from state to state was a real adventure.  Once in Louisiana, Roland learned strange new ways of pronouncing David and Richard when they were last names.  And it was not a pleasant sight when he pronounced Comeaux for the first time.

He has a Bachelor’s degree in English Education and a Master’s degree in Psychology.  He has been a teacher, counselor, book store owner, and even a pirate since he once worked at a tax preparation firm.

So far he has written thirty-four books.  You can find Roland at his web page:  or at his private table in Meilori’s.  The web page is safer to visit.  But if you insist on visiting Meilori’s, bring a friend who runs slower than you.

About my book?

“It is 1867 in a France and over the Atlantic a layer of existence from this one.

General Sherman was denied his march through Georgia by forces beyond his ken. Abraham Lincoln was never assassinated though he wishes he had been killed instead of his beloved Mary – both courtesy of the cursed Texas Ranger, Captain Samuel McCord.

A global war of vampire kingdoms is going on beneath the noses of the living world -- and it is interfering with the honeymoon of the alien empress, Meilori Shinseen. She ruled the Aztecs when a political execution took place on Golgotha. The Sphinx was born in her off-hours as she attempted repairs on her star-craft.

The warring vampire rulers have mistaken her boredom with ruling the nations of Man as weakness. They have made a grave error, emphasis on the word "grave."

What is a not-quite-mortal groom to do? Survive as best he can.

Vampires, Vengeful Spirits of the Earth, Aliens Among Us, and a Man with the Blood of Death in his Veins trying to keep it from being spilled before his honeymoon is over.

Come join the maiden voyage of the first Air/Steamship, the Xanadu, where murder, intrigue, and betrayal reign supreme ... and that is just in the newlywed’s bedroom.
And it only gets more interesting when the Xanadu makes landfall upon the mysterious, deadly shores of a France you never suspected existed.”

Come join in the fun for just 99 cents!  What a bargain, right?  Do an honest review and receive a FREE audio book by Neil Gaiman. The book is available as an eBook at Amazon and in print at Amazon.

Did you know my novel has a soundtrack??  Listen to the theme for the Xanadu, the first Air/Steamship, and its star-crossed lovers:

Want to sample more of my craziness?  Check out my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS:

Curious about the prior voyage of the Xanadu?  Check out

You still here?  I thought you’d be snapping up my magnificent … OUCH! {the ghost of Mark Twain just swatted me again} … ah, my latest novel, THE NOT-SO-INNOCENTS AT LARGE!
The ghost of Mark Twain suggests that if you don’t buy his book, he might take the vampire, Benjamin Franklin, over to your place for a midnight snack!
Oh, sure, Mark!  Like that is all right, huh?

Roland, thanks for visiting with us today. You have a fascinating new take on blog tours.

Thanks so much for stopping by today during Roland’s visit. What do you think about Roland’s twist on a blog tour, interesting right?


  1. Thanks for having me here, Mason! I hope I will entertain your visitors! :-)

    1. Roland, thank you for including Thoughts in Progress in your unique tour. Each one of your stops has been so interesting. Wishing you much success in everything you do!!

      Hi, all. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. This has been such an innovative twist on the dreaded blog tour. It has been lovely to see Roland across the blogosphere.

    1. Thanks, Elephant's Child. I really tried to make my tour fun and different. It is lovely to see you on all my stops. :-)

  3. Well, it worked - I'm not going to buy his book.
    Of course, that's because I already have it...

  4. What a great idea for getting the word out!! I think it's clever and creative. Thanks very much, both, for sharing this.

    1. Thank you for enjoying my take on blog tours! Your words made my morning. :-)

  5. haha sure a fun way to go, one of the better blog tours I've seen indeed.

    1. That is so nice of you to say, Pat. It makes me feel as if I have succeeded in entertaining my friends and boring them. :-)

  6. Okay, the imagery alone has intrigued the eff out of me! lol... normally I just skim over blog book tours but this one looks flashy!! hehe! -

    1. I'm so happy you decided not to skim through mine! :-)

  7. You've gotten some great reviews, Roland.

    1. I am humbled by the reviews. Thanks for keeping me company on my tour!

  8. Love the photos. Congratulations, Roland. It's excellent seeing your book everywhere. Best of success to you. Love the reviews!

    1. I was going for a vintage Hollywood epic with the photos. Glad you liked them! :-)

  9. Hi Mason and Roland - so good to see Roland here with a range of his books and characters ... he certainly weaves tales for us - and introduces us to history at steam punk ...

    ... and I love the poster look .. vintage Hollywood ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks, Hilary! I thought these posters which seemed to breathe of old vintage Hollywood movies centered on my characters. Glad you liked it, too. -)

  10. Roland, that is a fantastic picture. Love it.

    1. You mean me as Commodore Decker from THE DOOMSDAY MACHINE? He was the only commodore ever used as a character. So I had to be him, right? Unique. :-)


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