Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Doing Double Duty

Do you like to find items that do double duty for you by serving several purposes instead of just one?

Think about books. They could be thought of that way. They can educate, but they can also entertain. I think of candles being multi-purpose items. They give light, they give warmth, and they can be pleasant to smell.

Thanks to Ivanka and the other wonderful folks at OmniiDeals, I recently had the opportunity to enjoy two of their lovely candles. I selected one of their 16 oz. Glass Lid Essential Series Jar Candles and a Three Pour Pillar Candle in Forest Blend Premium Fragrance. Here are my thoughts on the candles, along with bullet points from the company.

Goose Creek Blueberry Cheesecake with Glass Lid Essential Series Jar Candle, 16 oz.

◊ Burn time: 90 hours
◊ Goose Creek Candles are the most fragrant cleanest burning candles on the market
◊ Made in the USA
◊ Every candle has the maximum amount of fragrance per liquid ounce
◊ We know you will love our handmade, smokeless, extra fragrant jar candles

This delightful candle has a juicy blueberry smell with a hint of cheesecake blended in. The aroma is rich and delicious. The deep blue color of the candle represents the color of blueberries perfectly. The two wicks give the candle a brighter flame.

The candle comes in a thick, fairly heavy glass jar with a tight fitting lid. Once the candle has been used up, the jar could be used for storing a multitude of items. Just with the lid off, the candle gives off a pleasant scent.

The candle was packaged very well for minimal chances of breakage in shipping.

This is a lovely candle to look at or enjoy while burning. It has an enjoyable fragrance that’s not overpowering.

FTC Full Disclosure – I was provided the item mentioned above by OmniiDeals. However, the post was written solely by me and all opinions are my own given honestly and freely.

Goose Creek Candles Forest Blend Premium Fragrance, Three Pour Pillar Candle, 3x4 Inch

COLORFUL DESIGN. Add a pop of color to any room’s décor with our pretty three-pour pillar candle. Designed to best allow even melting and no smoke residue.
UNIQUE DESIGNER FRAGRANCES including Apple Bourbon, Forest Blend, Morning Fog, Warm Vanilla and more.
LONG BURNING for hours of ambiance and fragrance. Compared to other leading, more expensive brands!
MADE TO BE THE BEST Goose Creek Candles are all poured in the USA with the highest quality ingredients available.
SAFE AND NON-TOXIC for hours of clean, invigorating fragrances.

This four-inch tall pillar candle is my preferred for its intoxicating scent. I couldn’t find anything on the packaging to tell me the exact scents used in the Forest Blend, but it reminds me of sandalwood one of my favorite fragrances.

The beautiful tri-color earthy tones of the candle would complement any room’s décor. The candle featured a creamy beige on top followed by a layer of seafoam green in the middle and a base resembling mocha coffee.

The scent is relaxing, a bit fragrant but not overpowering. It hints at the outdoors on a tranquil fall day. The delightful aroma lingers in the air even when the candle isn’t lit.

A small medallion is attached to the candle with raffia for a decorative touch. Once the cellophane wrapping and medallion are removed from the candle, you’ll want to place it on a candle holder just in case there is any residue when burning. The single wick burns clean and smoke free.

The candle comes carefully package to help ensure non-breakage in shipping.

FTC Full Disclosure – I was provided the item mentioned above by OmniiDeals. However, the post was written solely by me and all opinions are my own given honestly and freely.

Thanks for dropping by today. Do you find candles relaxing or just useful for light? Do you enjoy scented candles or prefer no scent at all?


  1. I do love scented candles, but have to be careful. Some scents cause me problems.

  2. My wife would like those. Although we usually buy soy candles. Those suckers last forever.

  3. Those are attractive candles, Mason. I'm glad you found them to be good products, too, and that you weren't disappointed.

  4. Ohhhh I wish they had a give-away! I am a candle FREAK!!! I LOVE them! They are relaxing and I LOVE scented candles! They make everything so cozy! catchatwithcarenandcody

  5. I wish they had a giveaway, too. I am a candle junkie.

  6. I love candles, I have to try these, thanks

  7. I always burn a candle when I write or edit fiction. It's become a ritual for me.

    Always scented. I love Hartmont candles, made right here in Manitoba.


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