Saturday, July 16, 2016

Summertime and Watermelons*

Books are a major discussion here, but we all know you need refreshment from time to time while you’re busy wondering the world through the pages of a book. Nothing says refreshment in the South in the summer like watermelons.

Just about every picnic and barbecue you attend in the summer will have watermelons on hand. There’s nothing like a slice of delicious, cold watermelon to satisfy your taste buds and cool you down a bit.

However, there’s no way around it, watermelon is messy to cut and eat - but well worth the effort. It’s one of those foods that is hard to serve pretty because it’s so difficult to cut without cutting the rind. Now there’s a way around that with the Watermelon Slicer and Server Knife by Chesnock©.

This handy, dandy little tool makes it easy to cut slices of the watermelon without having to cut the rind. Then you turn the tool over, gently squeeze it and easily remove the slices from the watermelon shell. The tool is also handy to scrape down the walls of the watermelon rind to get every bit of the delicious watermelon out.

Once you’ve cut the slices with the Watermelon Slicer and Server Knife by Chesnock©, then you can place them decoratively on a serving tray for all to enjoy. By being able to get all of the watermelon out of the rind, you get to enjoy even more of the tasty treat. You can serve the melon by itself or drop some in a blender with yogurt to make a refreshing smoothie.

The tool is lightweight and so easy to use. It cleans up in a flash and you don’t have to worry about a blade to cut yourself on.

Here are some facts the company points out about this helpful tool that make it even more beneficial:

◊ INNOVATIVE SOLUTION: get the most of your watermelon with our state-of-the-art tool, which will let you perfectly slice and serve watermelon wedges or cubes in a quick, easy, and mess-free way
◊ HIGH QUALITY HYPOALLERGENIC STAINLESS STEEL: we use premium food-grade materials to ensure our product can be used by people with sensitive skin or metal allergies
◊ ERGONOMIC DESIGN: non-slip grip handle provides maximum comfort to your hands and facilitates the process of cutting
◊ KID-FRIENDLY: our watermelon knife features rounded edges design that will help prevent any accidental injuries to you children
◊ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: your satisfaction is our priority; if you are not happy with your purchase, we will replace the item free of charge or issue a full refund.

If you’re looking to have watermelon on the menu this summer at any event, be sure to get at least one (if not more) of the Watermelon Slicer and Server Knife by Chesnock©. You’ll find it most helpful and easy to use.

Bring on the watermelons, turn them into smoothies and relax under a shade tree with that perfect book you’ve been dying to read. That way you have the enjoyment of the watermelon through a refreshing drink without the mess as you lose yourself in that latest novel.

Thanks for stopping by today. From time to time I like to share interesting products I discover with you. Do you have a favorite kitchen tool that you wouldn’t want to be without? Are you a fan of watermelon? If so, how do you enjoy eating it?

*This is a sponsored post. I was provided the item mentioned above by Slavia Trading Company. However, receiving the complimentary tool did not influence my review. The post was written solely by me and all opinions are my own given honestly and freely.


  1. It is a very long time since I have eaten watermelon. Like apples, as soon as I bite into a floury one I walk away for the season. This does sound like a nifty gadget though.

  2. Haven't eaten water melons in a long time, since they're too big just for me :( but I did love putting them in juices as well with some honey and orange :) That thingy looks practical

  3. Hi Mason - I occasionally eat water melon - now in the mixed fruit snack packs sold in the supermarkets - but way too big a fruit for just me ... still as you say it is delicious ... in SA we used to have it ...

    Gadgets are fun to have around ... this sounds a good one - I now-a-days without much cooking or entertaining to do - a good knife is my favourite.

    Cheers Hilary

  4. We juice them. Not a fan of the seeds. But they are great mixed with another fruit in a smoothie.

  5. Oh, Mason, I"d never thought about a watermelon smoothie before. It sounds great though. And there's nothing like cool fruit treats in the summer! Thanks for sharing.

  6. That looks interesting! I rarely buy watermelon because it is so hard to slice, or I buy it already sliced which is more costly. I have a spiralizer at home (not the big expensive one but a small one that I got on amazon) I LOVE it! catchatwithcarenandcody

  7. oh darn, thought it linked to it here. I can copy the name and search

    1. Caren, so sorry about that. I thought I had included a link. I've updated it now. Thanks.

  8. I just had watermelon! That tool looks awesome. The smoothie looks so good.


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