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Author Cristiane Serruya: Trust Trilogy Continues

It’s a pleasure to welcome author Cristiane Serruya back to Thoughts in Progress with the release of the second
installment in her Trust Trilogy, BETRAYED.

Here’s a synopsis:
   BETRAYED, the second installment of the TRUST trilogy, journeys back into the past to reveal the secrets and dark deeds of Sophia, Ethan and Alistair. 
    Sophia, the ravishing owner of Leibowitz Oil, is determined to have a relationship with Alistair, but a dark and terrible secret lurks beneath the surface she presents to the world. Will she be able to find peace within herself?
    Alistair, a powerful banker, is in love with Sophia but has difficulties overcoming his guilt over his daughter's death and his BDSM proclivities. Certain that he doesn't deserve to be loved, he will do everything to push Sophia away, despite his love for her. Will he be able to find redemption?

     Ethan, a steel tycoon, no less haunted by his secrets and lies, is still in love with Sophia after their short lived relationship. He now lives in an alternate reality he has created, because the loss of Sophia is too unbearable to face. He will pay any price to have her. Will he have her back in his arms or will he master his loss and move on?
    Sophia, Ethan and Alistair will need to overcome their guilt, fear and pain and learn to see themselves through forgiving eyes to find love. Will they succeed? Or will they succumb to their misery?

Cristiane has graciously answered some questions about her trilogy and her writing. Welcome, Cristiane.

Hello Mason, I’m so happy to be hosted in your amazing blog. I want to thank for the opportunity of talking about my books and for the interesting interview.
Mason - What are some of the advantages and disadvantages when writing the second book of a trilogy?

Hmmm… I didn’t see any disadvantages in writing the second book of the TRUST trilogy. The first book, TRUST: A NEW BEGINNING was my first romance ever published and I learned a lot with it. I would dare say that TRUST: BETRAYED came out even better and easier than the first one. Well, the reviewers say so too.

Mason - How do you keep the facts straight about your characters and locations from book to book? Do you use a journal, spreadsheet, etc.?

In fact, the story was almost all done when I decided to make a few changes and introduce new characters’ qualities and behaviors, being the middle of the story, TRUST: BETRAYED, the part I still had to develop more. However, the characters were so alive in my mind, the way they talked, dressed, behaved, their needs, desires and goals, that I didn’t need a follow-up. For the third book, TRUST: PANDORA’S BOX, I did a small planning as soon as I finished BETRAYED, because I’m wrapping up the story, so I can’t leave loose ends.

The next romance has a few characters from the TRUST trilogy. Of course, I’ll need to consult a few times the books for names, dates and places, but I have the story already planned on my mind. I’m anxious to finish this trilogy and start the next one.

Mason - What advice would you give someone just getting started writing?

Research what you are writing about if you are not familiar with the theme. Surely one of your readers will notice if you were lazy. And, of course, exhaustedlyTRUST- Betrayed review your manuscript and ask, at least five of your friends to read it too. The naughty typos will be there if you don't polish your manuscript over and over again.

Mason - If you could co-author a book with any author (living or dead), who would it be and what type of book with it be?

Kafka or Ionesco for philosophical stories. Imagine being able to write those nightmarish stories! Oh, but unfortunately they are dead! And I cannot think of a great author alive on the philosophical genre.

However, for the romantic genre, I think Gena Showalter, Kresley Cole, Nora Roberts, Maya Banks, Tessa Dare and many more would made great partners to write a romance. But I don't think they have heard of me. Yet.

Mason - What type of books do you read for relaxation?

Oh, what would I be without books? I'm kind of obsessed about books. I read in traffic, in the doctor's waiting room, and a few hours every day at home. I read at least two books each week, and I have very eclectic taste on books. When I was young, I loved Barbara Cartland, Charlotte and Emile Bronte. As I grew, Kafka, Becket, Anouill, Victor Hugo, George Orwell and many others made their way into my library. And, of course, the Greek classics and lots and lots of romance.

Mason - What can readers look forward to next from you?

I'm finishing the third book of the trilogy, TRUST: PANDORA'S BOX, and it will be released in the end of the year. After the TRUST trilogy, I intent to write about the love stories of Sophia's siblings.

I think another trilogy is going to happen, since I've already started to Carolina Santo's story. The girl is going to rock Rio de Janeiro, Hollywood, New York and London. Lunches, dinners, fashion weeks and gala balls will vie for her presence. The books will be full of gossip, beautiful and rich people, “drugs, sex and rock'n'roll”.

But everything can happen. Felipe has been asking to go first, since he is the older brother. Stay tuned!

I really hope those who haven’t read the TRUST TRILOGY enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it. I love to hear from readers and I'm always posting new blogs, along with news about Sophia, Ethan and Alistair, on my website, on Facebook: and on twitter: @CrisSerruya

I’ll be waiting for you all to get in touch with me! Smile

Cristiane, thanks for joining us again and sharing more behind the scenes information about this tantalizing trilogy. I can see we readers have much to look forward to.

For those who haven’t met Cristiane yet, let me share a bit of background with you. Cristiane works as a lawyer specializing in cases of sexual abuse and violence against children and women. She also has a Masters in Business Law and a BA in Fine Arts.

She has always loved to read, write and listen to music. In addition, she has lived and studied in England, France, Italy and Switzerland. Traveling is one of her passions - as is keeping fit and healthy. 

Cristiane lives in Rio de Janeiro with her husband and two daughters. For more on her and her writing, visit her website.

Thanks everyone for visiting today. Do you find that a deep, dark secret makes for an intriguing theme in a story? Are you a fan of trilogies or do you prefer single books?


  1. Cristiane, thanks again for visiting with us. Learning more about your trilogy has been intriguing. Looking forward to seeing what happens next. Wishing you much success.

    1. Hello again, Mason!
      Thanks so much for hosting me on your amazing blog! I was very happy to be interviewed by you. It's very nice to share my thoughts and how the trilogy has developed itself.
      Soon, I will have more news for you. Until then, save the date: September 17th is TRUST: PANDORA'S BOX cover release.
      A warm hug from a sunny Rio de Janeiro,

  2. Mason - Thanks for hosting Christine.

    Christine - Thanks for sharing the latest in your trilogy with us. And thanks for sharing about your experiences writing in general and with this trilogy in particular. It's interesting isn't it how once one's created characters, they do seem to decide for themselves what they want. I wish you success.

    1. Hello, Margot!
      Thanks for stopping by and such a lovely wish. I hope it comes true.
      I love my characters, even they behave badly twisting and turning my storyline. They're naughty, bad characters. But I solve it all with a good talking with each one of them or a book-characters' therapy session. LOL
      It's my favorite time of the day. So many confessions I hear...
      I hope you like the trilogy.
      All the best,

  3. Invariably, there will be a reader that knows the subject and will ding you on any inaccuracies, lol! Research is important, as you say. having that info in the front of your mind, and a few notes, do give an ease to writing the story.

    Sounds like an interesting series.

    Sia McKye Over Coffee

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Sia.
      You know what? Even if we do our share of research, it's like a wedding or a party... There's always someone that will think the cake was too sweet or the champagne was too bubbling. LOL.
      Anyway, I try my best.

  4. Fascinating interview! As an author, I have never considered writing a trilogy = but listening to what Cristiane says, I guess you really get to know your characters that way and they keep developing from book to book.


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