Saturday, February 2, 2013


With the crazy weather we've been having lately all over the U.S. (and the world), I thought we could use a day of relaxing and thinking about fun things.

The puzzle below is entitled 'Wishes' which seemed perfect to me. Have you ever made wishes while trying to blow all the little spikes off the ball? It was also fun to see who could blow them off the fastest.

Well, with this 48-piece classic jigsaw puzzle the average time is 4:04 minutes. My time was just under that at 3:57 minutes. What amazed me, it listed the fastest time at .57 seconds. I can't imagine that.

Give it a try and see what your time is. Maybe before long we can go outside and make wishes by blowing on the real thing.

Click to Mix and Solve

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope you had fun, if you gave the puzzle a try.   


  1. Tempting the puzzle addict again? And at midnight? Now I'll never get up in time.

  2. I dont' know if I've ever done that before - it was fun - but it did take me almost 6 minutes! Couldn't 'see' one of the edge pieces for the life of me! :)

  3. LD, I couldn't help myself. :) They are a bit addictive though. I tried this one several times before I had to make myself stop. Hope I didn't keep you up too late.

  4. Jemi, they are fun. I even changed the number of pieces with this one and still couldn't bet the average. Glad you enjoy it.

  5. Mason - Oooh, a fun puzzle! Thanks :-). And it always sets a person free to wish a little...

  6. Hi Mason .. failed or very slow!!

    I've just read that your weather is very topsy turvy - not helpful to all those ground hogs!!

    Australia too - topsy turvy weather ..

    Snuggle up with a few good books .. if you can tear yourself away from the puzzles!

    Cheers Hilary

  7. Margot, the puzzle are a nice break from everyday stress. It's a great way to remember being young and carefree.

  8. Hilary, there's no failure in puzzle. Only the challenge to do it better next time. :)

    Australia's weather has been crazy for sure.

    In the past hour we've had snow flurries and sleet, now nothing. No telling what we'll have by tonight.
    Have a great day, Hilary.


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