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Hoo Hoo the Bear Series by Amanda Kleback

finished_hootbear_7Always on the lookout for entertaining and enlightening books for my young cousins, I was delighted to discover the Hoo Hoo the Bear series by author Amanda Kleback.

This charming series features five titles available in hardcover and made in the USA. The series takes youngsters and their parents on unique journeys while creating lasting memories with the help of an adorable little bear named Hoo Hoo. Who can resist a cuddly bear at Christmas? To enhance the learning experience, a plush Hoo Hoo the Bear is also available to accompany the series.

Hoo Hoo coverThe first book in the series is HOO HOO’S SONG. The main character, Hoo Hoo, is a cute, cuddly bear with a big heart. He hears a song coming from his heart and it leads him to a shelf in a store.

Before long the song leads Hoo Hoo to find Mrs. B, whose heart is singing the same song. Mrs. B. is a bit sad, but Hoo Hoo makes her giggle and they become best friends. She takes Hoo Hoo home and their family adventures begin.

Author Amanda Kleback tells a delightful story of friendship, love and caring. The story is beautifully illustrated by Kerry Mentzer and Sara Warfel. It includes an illustration of Hoo Hoo youngsters can color using their own imagination. There is also a maze puzzle in back for youngsters to enjoy.

Hoo Hoo’s Song by Amanda Kleback, Illustrated by Kerry Mentzer and Sara Warfel, The Hoo Hoo the Bear Company, @2012, ISBN: 978-1936963041, Hardcover, 24 Pages 

1320520983494-1609354884The second book in the series, KNOCK, KNOCK! HOO HOO’S THERE!, takes youngsters on a magical journey back in time to a land where dragons roam and Sir Hoo Hoo lives. One day Sir Hoo Hoo encounters the Nusspickle monster who blocks his path home. Sir Hoo Hoo has to knock on wood to enlist the help of a fairy who leads him away from danger.

In this cute story, the author uses the old saying, ‘knock on wood’ to create Hoo Hoo’s adventure. The story is beautifully illustrated by Brian and Amanda Kleback with contributing art by Sara Warfel and Kerry Mentzer.

Knock, Knock! Hoo Hoo’s There! by Amanda Kleback, Illustrated by Brian and Amanda Kleback, Contributing Art by Sara Warfel and Kerry Mentzer, The Hoo Hoo the Bear Company, @2012, ISBN: 978- 1936963058, Hardcover, 24 Pages 

1337912171014495894584Next in the series is HOO HOO!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS. In this adorable tale Hoo Hoo gets ready for his family’s annual Christmas Eve tradition - preparing food as it has been done for generations.

Just before midnight Hoo Hoo goes with his family as they carry a big pot of fruit soup to the barn to share with the animals. At the strike of midnight the barn becomes flooded with conversation as all the animals talk for one minute. Hoo Hoo learns sharing the food is a tradition of saying thanks for what the animals’ ancestors did the night Jesus was born.

The author creatively uses the Polish tradition of Wigilia (observed by her family) to relate the celebration of family, friends and especially the birth of Jesus. Hoo Hoo, his family and all the animals come to life through the amazing illustrations of the author and Jessica Lopez.

Hoo Hoo!!! Merry Christmas by Amanda Kleback, Illustrated by Amanda Kleback and Jessica Lopez, The Hoo Hoo the Bear Company, @2012, ISBN: 978- 1936963065, Hardcover, 24 Pages 

1337912125289857297268The series continues with HOO IS FROM BALTIMORE, HON!. Hoo Hoo learns Mrs. B. grew up in a magical place called Baltimore. On a field trip to the area, Hoo Hoo and his family visit various famous and popular sites such as the Maryland Zoo, Fort McHenry, the Maryland Science Center, the Cylburn Arboretum, and much more.

The author weaves an adventure through the city and its attractions. She points out seeing magic in a place depends on how you look at it. The beautiful illustrations depicting the story are by the author.

Hoo Is From Baltimore, Hon! by Amanda Kleback, Illustrated by Amanda Kleback, The Hoo Hoo the Bear Company, @2012, ISBN: 978- 1936963072, Hardcover, 24 Pages 

1337912098208-2094172970The last installment in the series is DON’T GET A BOO BOO, HOO HOO!. This is a well-written book explaining various safety tips for youngsters.

The author uses Hoo Hoo to explain how to respond to strangers, when and how to dial 911, and what to do when someone swallows poison. In addition, Hoo Hoo demonstrates what to do when lost, dealing with bullies, and in case of fire. The bright, vivid illustrations by the author will capture a youngster’s attention and hold it as the lesson is learned.

Don’t Get A Boo Boo, Hoo Hoo! by Amanda Kleback, Illustrated by Amanda Kleback, The Hoo Hoo the Bear Company, @2012, ISBN: 978- 1936963133, Hardcover, 24 Pages 

This series doesn’t have to be read in order. In fact, I’m not sure I have the books listed in the correct order here. However, the complete set would make a wonderful gift for a child’s library providing delightful hours of entertainment and many life lessons to learn along the way. Additional learning activities, lesson plans, and games can also be found on Hoo Hoo’s website at

FTC Full Disclosure - I requested the first book in this series. The entire five book series and a couple of adorable plush Hoo Hoo the Bears were sent to me by the author in hopes I would review the books. However, receiving the complimentary copies and bears did not influence my reviews but were a wonderful surprise and treat.
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