Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chris Bronson Returns In Echo Of The Reich

It’s always enjoyable when an author creates a character you want to visit with time and time again. New York Times bestselling author James Becker has created such a character in his protagonist Chris Bronson.

Becker brings Bronson back again in his latest thriller, ECHO OF THE REICH. In this, the fifth installment of the Chris Bronson series, the author takes readers on a rip-roaring ride in a modern-day London that is overshadowed by the remnants of Nazi Germany.

Becker has the background to draw on for his novels. He spent over twenty years in the Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm. Throughout his career he has been involved in covert operations in many of the world's hotspots, including Yemen, Russia and Northern Ireland. 

Here’s a brief description of ECHO OF THE REICH:

Since 1945, no definite information has been recovered about the weapon in question. Nobody had any real idea of its function or its purpose. Until now.

Berlin, World War II In a secret Nazi underground laboratory near the Czech border, scientists are working on a secret weapon with the power to change the tide of war and make Hitler’s dream of wiping out “inferior” races a reality. The project is almost complete when they are forced to flee west with the Russians knocking at their door. The laboratory is blown up and the project abandoned, unknown to the world.

894167359_9780451238290_large_Echo_of_the_ReichLondon, 2012
Chris Bronson is seconded to the Metropolitan Police during the Olympic Games, for an under cover investigation. Bronson is ordered to infiltrate a group of anarchists who have been sabotaging Olympic sites in attempts to disrupt the Games, but when his cover is blown, the police call off the investigation. 

Bronson, suspicious, stumbles upon a startling conspiracy to finish Hitler’s evil game. In a heart-pounding race against time, Bronson must put a stop to a fatal plan to settle scores before it’s too late. 

ECHO OF THE REICH is a fast-paced and exciting history-mystery thriller that will appeal to readers of authors such as Raymond Khoury and Paul Christopher.

Becker also writes action-adventure novels under the name James Barrington and military history under the name Peter Smith in the UK. For more on Becker and his writing, visit his website at http://www.james-becker.com/

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  1. Mason - Oh, this sounds intriguing! And there's the 'today's headlines' feel about it given the Olympics context. Thanks for sharing this one; I really do like a novel that mixes past and present.

  2. I love books that blend past and present.



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