Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Falling Leaf

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The leaves are beginning to fall in the part of the world where I live and I don’t have the opportunity to stop for several hours and enjoy them as they gently glide to earth.

How many others are the same way? How many others notice, but don’t take the time to watch and enjoy? How many others see only more work in the making with leaves to rake for that perfect yard look?

Do people still take the time to enjoy a relaxing afternoon just surrounded by nature and what it has to offer?

In our ever-growing lives of multi-tasking I’m not sure we relax that much anymore. Whether on vacation or a day-outing, most people are never out of touch. They are constantly on their cell phones, Blackberries, iPads, iPods or laptops. Few times does modern man disconnect and become the primitive man of decades ago without technology at his every fingertip.

Even if we manage to free ourselves from technology for a few moments, we still multi-task not really focusing on one thing at a time. This is a good example. As I sit here surrounded by nature in all her glory, I don’t just enjoy and let that feeling of relaxation wash over me. No, I have to take pen and paper in hand attempting to capture my thoughts, feelings and the surroundings all at the same time. Only when a dark cloud hovers overhead stilling my surroundings do I take time to see and hear the quietness of the woods. But once again I’m quick to take up pen and paper so I can put those thoughts down.

Somehow in our busy, on-to-go, demanding, never-ending days of pressure we must find time for those moments of quiet, relaxing joy. Those few moments, however fleeting, we need to get lost in our surroundings. Watch leaves fall with only thoughts of their beautiful color consuming us. Watch the water in a lake or stream thinking only of its tranquil movements or relaxing sound. Watch a sunrise or sunset over a mountain top (or skyscraper) and wonder at how quickly and effortlessly the colors change.

Now I will lay pen and paper aside to lose myself in the wind. To listen to the sound it makes as it travels through the woods. Note how it sounds coming toward me, while it surrounds me and the difference it makes as it travels on to visit someone else. It will only be for a few moments I can do this, but they are moments that will calm my soul and make the chaos of the day easier to handle.

Have you listened to the wind today? Have you let it flow through you, not just around? Deep breath in, deep breath out. Sometimes those moments do moreleaves for you than you realize. Stop to watch the leaf as it glides to earth allowing a bit of calm into your hectic life.

Thank you so much for stopping by and indulging me as my mind takes a day to wander aimlessly through its thoughts. It’s a great way to clean the cobwebs out and refresh the thinking process. May you have a day of peace and relaxation, if only for a few moments.


  1. I rarely devote a day to just enjoying the beauty but I do manage the moments. Some of them courtesy of my silly dog who doesn't like to go outside alone. I go with her and while I'm waiting I take the time to look around and listen. It's lovely.

  2. Like L.D. I have a dog and he compells me to be in nature. Here, in this temporary home of ours, we have seen so many deer, foxes, pheasants and other critters that it is a true joy to wander outside. Our 'real' home is in the country too but closer to the shore and therefore not so wild. Nature heals what ails us if we would only let her. Thanks so much Mason!

  3. Mason - I couldn't agree with more about the value of just stopping and taking in what we see, smell, hear, feel and taste. All of those experiences make us richer don't they? It's important to remember that, so thanks for the reminder.

  4. Nothing is better than spending an afternoon with a cup of coffee, just watching people in the park or out on a hike. I need to schedule more time to do just that. Loved your thoughtful post. Thank you.

  5. Beautiful post! I've found that it helps if you actually schedule in quiet contemplation time into your day, just like you would schedule any other "activity."

    I have a maple tree in my front yard that turns the most amazing deep red each fall. The glory only lasts a few days - and during those days, I make time every afternoon to just sit by the window and soak up the beauty for half an hour or an hour.

  6. This post was exquisite!
    I DO appreciate nature...and especially Fall. Fall is my favorite season to go and take a walk in literally JUMP into leaves. Yep, I'm old but I still do it!

  7. WOW! You must be NORTH. We don't have leaves turning much yet and I always think of Michigan as winterland. I love the reminder to calm down and appreciate it all though. I can get really stressed when I know I have to be away from my computer, but the fact of the matter is, when forced to... when I finally calm down, it is NICE to have a little downtime.

  8. I really miss having seasons in Arizona. The falling leaves are my favorite part. Very relaxing Mason. Thanks for the memories.


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