Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Author Carol Kilgore - Learning About Panic

I’m thrilled to welcome friend, fellow blogger and author Carol Kilgore here today to talk about a typical writing day for an author and how it relates to her book, IN NAME ONLY, which was just released yesterday.

Carol blogs at Under the Tiki Hut where you will be entertained by her posts and intriguing guests.

Here’s a brief synopsis of IN NAME ONLY:
No home. No family. No place to hide. For Summer Newcombe, that's only the beginning.

The night Summer escapes from a burning Padre Island eatery and discovers the arsonist is stalking her, is the same night she meets Fire Captain Gabriel Duran. As much as she's attracted to Gabe, five years in the Federal Witness Security Program because of her father’s testimony against a mob boss have taught her the importance of being alone and invisible.

No matter how much she yearns for a real home, Summer relinquished that option the night she killed the man who murdered her father. But Gabe breaks down her guard and places both of them in danger. Summer has vowed never to kill again, but she's frantic she'll cost Gabe his life unless she stops running and fights for the future she wants with the man she loves.

Carol, welcome to Thoughts. I’m looking forward to finding out what a ‘typical’ day is like for a writer - are Bon Bons involved? Smile

Mason and I have been blog buddies for a while, and I'm thrilled to blog here with her at Thoughts in Progress. Thanks so much for hosting me.

In Name Only coverI asked her what she would like for me to blog about. She provided four suggestions but said I didn't have to stick to them. The first was a day in the life of a writer. From the outside looking in, my day is as boring as watching paint dry. I type, I think, I type, I pace. In between I let the dogs in and out. Again. All the excitement is inside my head. So I moved to the next topic.

Nope. Nothing unusual occurred during the writing of IN NAME ONLY. I told you my days were boring. And this story fell into place without too many problems from the characters. I got to do research at the beach. What's wrong with that? Next.

The biggest surprise this story brought me. Hmmmm. Actually, two things surprised me. One related to the story itself. The second surprise occurred during the publication process and was the biggest surprise overall.

What was it? Panic!

I'm a list maker, and I love nothing more than crossing every item off my list every day. But it was a month before the release, and nothing was done. I didn't have files, I didn't have books. I had no control over when the formatter would finish or how long it would take the cover designer to complete the print cover and size the spine. I didn't know how long it would take me to upload my baby to Amazon. I didn't have a clue how to get the word out that I really, finally, had a book!

I freaked. 

I am so NOT the freaking type. If you have a crisis, call me. I'm objective, take stock of what needs to be done, and in what order, and I do it. But I freaked.

Panic was a new experience for me and a huge surprise.

The last thing Mason suggested as a topic was would I do anything differently as I write my next release. My next release is already written. And when we reach the point of me telling you about it, I'll fill you in on all the problems and stubborn characters that one brought! And some were doozies.

But the best thing I learned with IN NAME ONLY is I know I won't freak with the next release. At least not over any of the process I've now experienced.

What about you? What freaks you out about writing and/or publishing?

Carol, thanks for being here today. I’m delighted to know you’ve already written your next release. Can’t wait to read it. I like the idea of doing research on the beach, now that would be fun.

For those who don’t know Carol, here’s a bit of background about her. She is a Texas native who has lived in locations across the U.S. as the wife of a Coast Guard officer. Back under the hot Texas sun in San Antonio, Carol writes a blend of mystery, suspense, and romance she calls Crime Fiction with a Kiss. She and her husband share their home and patio with two active herding dogs, and every so often the dogs let them sit on the sofa.

Learn more about Carol and follow her here: 

As Carol ask, what freaks you out as a writer? If you’re a reader, what freaks you out when it comes to finding a book? Carol will be dropping by today to answer any questions you might have. Thanks so much for dropping by. Be sure to check out Carol’s new book, IN NAME ONLY.


  1. Carol, thanks again for guest blogging today. I always enjoy learning more about a writer's process from beginning to published book. Wishing you much success.

  2. Great post, Carol. Thanks, Mason for hosting.

    Congratulations on IN NAME ONLY. Sounds like a great read and I've put it on my list.

    I'm a lot like you, pretty solid and take charge kind of person, but my time to freak is when the cover comes back. I don't know why, probably b/c by then, the book actually seems "real". When I get the cover, I start to panic, "will it be good enough?" "will anyone read it?" You know, that stuff.

  3. Mason - Thanks for hosting Carol.

    Carol - Thanks for sharing what it's like for you as a writer. I think it's only human to have those "freak out" moments. It means the writer is attached to her or his work and cares about it. I wish you much success with In Name Only.

  4. Mason - Thanks so much for hosting me. I'm happy to be here. I wish I could tell you I have a real process. I get an idea, pump it up, and work on it until it's done. The How part changes a lot along the way.

    Anne - I had those fears before I decided to self-publish. Once I made the decision, they lessened. I still worry, but it was time to give Summer her wings.

    Margot - Thanks for your good wishes. I do become attached to my characters, and I've known Summer for a long time :)

  5. Freaking out is horrible isn't it.

    I'm a list crosser offer too. Makes me feel better.


  6. It freaks me out when I finally let go and my babies are let loose into the world for inspection.

    However, Carol, you have nothing to worry about, I'm loving your story so far.

  7. I feel like you're a very "old" friend, Carol (and you too, Mason). I've known you both since I began blogging way back in April of 2010. Now, hooray, I get to read YOUR book, Carol. I've sampled the first pages, and the writing is GREAT. And now I'll soon get to read your second book. Wow! I'm impressed, and so glad you won't panic again!

  8. Teresa - I don't know if I was more freaked because I had zero control or more freaked because I freaked to begin with.

    Clarissa - I'm glad you're liking it! I loved The Sholes Key :)

    Ann - So good to see your smiling face! Thanks for such kind words :)

  9. I'm a "by my list" person, too, and there's nothing harder than turning your baby over to someone else's list (and wondering if they even have a list).

    Nice to run into you, Carol, here on Mason's blog.

  10. Mason, thanks so much for hosting me here today. I had a great time sharing news about IN NAME ONLY.

  11. Hehe, I'm very good at panicking. Then the adrenalin kicks in and everything works just fine.

    I see you mastered that technique yourself Carol or the book never would have been published :)


  12. Interesting story. I've never been to Padre Island even though I live in Texas. My first publishing experience was frustrating as I unfortunately chose a publisher (Dog Ear Publishing) who wasn't very professional and I constantly had to ask them to correct their mistakes. They even spelled my name incorrectly on Amazon! The next four books I published myself and the process was much smoother and quicker too. I'm glad we have so many more publishing options now.

  13. Donna - I guess I did :)

    Cozy in Texas/Ann - I passed on small press. Doing it myself was a total learning experience. Now I know what it takes to get a book to print. Nice to meet you.

  14. I don't know if the process ever gets easier, but like Carol, I find I don't feel as panic=stricken if I'm working with a list.

    Wishing Carol lots of sales with In Name Only.


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