Monday, September 5, 2011

Celebrate The Holiday!


I would like to wish everyone who celebrates the holiday a safe and Happy Labor Day. For those who don't celebrate, may you have a safe and joyous day just the same.

Stop by tomorrow for a spotlight on Christi Barth's newest release, CRUISING TOWARD LOVE.


  1. Mason - Thanks for the good wishes :-). Enjoy the holiday, yourself.

  2. Happy Labor Day!. I found you via my friend Ingrid at CC and love what you're doing here for writers.

  3. Happy Labor Day to you, too, Mason. I'm making myself a note to stop by tomorrow for Christi Barth - she'll be at the Tiki Hut on Sept.14.

  4. Thanks, I'll see you tomorrow. I saw your comments on my blog and I'll try and sort out the linky. Yes, there are a lots of kinks to work out yet.

  5. It's fun that Labor Day is celebrated the same day in USA and Canada.
    Enjoy your day everyone

  6. Hi all, hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe Labor Day. We finally have rain so I'm thrilled even though I can't get outside.

    Cat Wisdom, nice to meet you. Love Ingrid and her site. Hope you drop back by often.

    danielle-momo, it is fun that both countries celebrate the same holiday at the same time.

  7. Happy Labor Day to you, too.

    Sorry I'm getting here late - my monitor decided to celebrate the holiday by quitting on me.


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