Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Brighten Your Day?

How is the weather in your area of the world? It seems that much of the US is covered in snow and ice or at least in a deep freeze where the temperature is concerned.

Thought I’d share a warm looking puzzle with you today. The average time to complete the puzzle is 5:01 minutes. My time was 5:20 minutes. What is your time.

Click to Mix and Solve

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. I dig those things! Will be back later to try it. (After the insanity of IWSG day.)

  2. 4:28 - not bad. And I was doing it while a cat was on my lap.

  3. We're lucky in Albuquerque - weather is beautiful right now.

  4. I'm in one of those places, blizzard last week, snow storm this week. We have snow drifts over 6 feet! It's pretty, but it makes tracking around tricky. Thanks for the pretty sunny picture.

  5. Gorgeous puzzle. Not challenging the average time, and certainly not Debbie S either.
    Hot here. Too hot.


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